Krieg Help for Handsome Jack Collection

Ok so I am leveling a Krieg to around 35 with my Maya on my Xbox One split screen. Once he gets RtB skill I am going to try to use Krieg with Maya still as a second character to make things a little tougher and for better drops and second quest drops.

My question is, what weapons/shields/accessories should I look for while leveling? What skills should I get after I get RtB? I love going melee with Krieg but I also know I will need to go range at times and I am terrible with his buzz axe.

Any guides or quick run throughs? I enjoy farming for certain weapons as I level so if I need anything specific please let me know.

I found a few links in the Community Krieg Guide but it seems like all the links are bad now and give an HTTP 404 error. Any other places I can check for some help on playing this character?

Please can you post the build you are currently using? You can use this to post it. Do you only melee?

I would like to melee as much as is feasible but i know i will need to use ranged weapons at times as well which is why i am wondering the better weapons to use when necessary.

Keep in mind this is a brand new account so no gear except what i can farm myself.

While the Law & Order combo will work well for Krieg you’ll eventually want to visit the Capt Scarlet dlc to pick up the Rapier, which does 200% bonus melee damage vs the 100% that the Law does (as an aside, don’t use any other bladed weapons with Krieg as it will actually decrease his melee damage). The Love Thumper is also considered a good roid shield for Krieg as is the Hide of Terramorphous (a ridiculously hard item to farm so don’t worry about it for now). However, if you want to mitigate the damage from Silence the Voices the Rough Rider shield is what you want. It can be found in the Sir Hammerlock dlc after doing a mission for him that involves a bullymong called The Bulwark. I’d only suggest making this change to your build:

Thrill of the Kill can interfere with the timing of Release the Beast so most folks only put the one point into it. Embrace the Pain will help keep your shields down longer, making your roid shields more effective. And if you want to use eexplosive weapons investing into Strip the Flesh would be a great choice. Enjoy the climb to level 72- Krieg is a pretty awesome character :smiley:


Farm a Rough Rider shield periodically. You’ll always have the 20% damage resistance regardless of level.

Weapons- Focus on anything with Splash Damage and/or multiple projectiles.

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My generic Krieg melee strategy is (I) slag as many enemies as possible before getting low on health, (2) enter RtB and start swinging and throwing the axe! So I recommend having one good slag weapon and one good slag grenade to get that party started.

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As @Carlton_Slayer says, you only need 1 point in Thrill of the Kill. If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion, you could do a melee/explosive hybrid. Krieg can really wreck mobs with Bloodsplosion, which I know you won’t have until much later, but it’s a good way to work your way. Get an explosive relic, Explosive Fastball grenade, and a Flesh Crunch class mod, combine it with Bloodbath and you get almost infinite grenades. Bloodsplosion chains are some of the most satisfying group kills i’ve ever had on this game. Certainly something to consider for later levels.

Grenade is better off being a storm front to build Bloodlust stacks, but I agree on the gun. A Slagga is unparalleled in my opinion, but then I am a bit biased…

At level 61 :

Try to get Bloodsplosion as soon as you can, it’s an insanely overpowered skill that will melt everything in its range, litterally. Fuel the Blood + Buzz Axe Bombardier will increase your thrown Buzz Axes’ damage and will also increase Bloodsplosion’s damage.

As of items, as my fellow psychoes said there : Rough Rider is your priority. Focus on Torgue weapons, Shotguns (Jakobs or Torgue) and Explosive weapons since they go well with Blood Bath, Strip the Flesh and Salt the Wound. Get a good slag tool as well since the damage boost from Slag is very good (especially when you’ll enter UVHM). The Fastball grenade is also an awesome choice on Krieg since he’s the best user of the Explosive variant.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask :smiley: !

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I didn’t recognise you because your picture changed! And… that’s literally all I have to say :smiley:

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Got tired of Ryan Gosling, now it’s Revenant from Paragon. :smile:

A slag bouncing betty/bonny or Crossfire can build stacks as well as slag for a long duration(even while youre in RtB

So Id personally recommend those for bloodlust/mania melee Krieg

For Hellborn tho Storm Front is awesome for sure

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I prefer the SF for its shield stripping capabilities. Plus it won’t slag you.

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Mania is a good starting point for most Krieg playthroughs. From there, you could go down Hellborn (Mania-Hellborn seems to be decently popular on the forums) for some elemental play or Bloodlust for more widely-encompassing damage types (explosive, melee, etc.).

Just a tip, though; if you’re going down Hellborn, I wouldn’t recommend Pain is Power. It reduces your crit damage and the melee bonus isn’t worth it.

Sorry, but this is bad advice. PiP in a Hellborn build is very good.

I should’ve worded that a tad better.

In Hellborn, it’s pretty good because you can reap the benefits when on fire, but for, say, a melee build, the bonus isn’t worth it. I like crits, though, so maybe I’m a bit biased…

In a pure melee build Pain is Power probably isn’t worth it. But I can’t recommend it enough if you use weapons with multiple projectiles and/or splash damage.

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I’ve never found the Rapier particularly useful on Krieg. He can dish out enough damage with his Buzz Axe. Plus, with RtB, he won’t even need it.

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Hello there, I think that we would all love some feedback on your Krieg after the veterans gave their advice :wink:

Basically since you love Melee and don’t like throwing the axe, through Bloodlust you can get ways to highly improve your efficiency in BXR, given strong Melee boosts and incentives (Taste of Blood, Fuel the Blood, Boiling Blood to keep stacks up and eventually Bloodsplosion). Besides, Buzzaxe Bombardier actually helps dealing ranged damage even when you throw said axe two meters left to your actual target :joy:
I levelled up my Krieg both with Bloodlust and Hellborn in TVHM and UVHM but i’d say bloodlust is more easy to get a hang of;

Hellborn is definitely an amazing tree once you know how to set things into motion; with Delusional Damage and Fire Fiend, and later with Flame Flare and Raving Retribution, it becomes very easy to stay ignited and earn full bonuses from that tree making Melee extremely relevant.

Enjoy levelling up no matter which way you go: burn toasts or tomato juice pool :relieved:


He also won’t use it. Krieg puts any weapon away while rampaging and only uses his ax, so bladed weapons won’t transfer their melee bonus. Bladed weapons are really only good for setting up Bloodsplosion chains outside of RtB.

I know. What I meant is that if you’re smart about using BXR, you won’t really even need bladed weapons for Bloodsplosion.