Krieg help lvl 43

I recently made a krieg and have no idea what I’m doing I’m lvl 43 and from what I’ve seen I’ve obviously don’t have right gear or build anybody that’s willing to help with build or gear please add me

The_ghetto_taco would really appreciate it

I would suggest starting with a gun build till you get more skill points to make the most out of melee.

I start with Feed The Meat and Fuel the Rampage in the Mania tree, and then go down the Bloodlust tree all the way to Bloodsplosion and then go back to Mania and take that down to Unleash the beast as follows, it takes me til level 58 to get there

end I end up here

Basically, in Normal and True Mode, it’s all about getting a Fastball, or learning how to use the Contraband Skyrocket well, getting a Unkempt Harold, and blasting your way through. Getting an explosive relic, a Flame of the Firehawk & a Heartbreaker are recommended pickups among all the usual gear. A Badaboom is also a good pickup along the way.

As for Class Mods, I go for a Crunch Mod that boosts explosive damage. This is basically a Torgue build if anything. You want to be blowing things up. This will carry you through level 50. Once you get to UVHM, A Slagga and Fastball never fails to make an impression in your targets.

I’m not a big Melee player, or “hellborn” Krieg fan, but with this build you can still do some good melee work when you go into Blood Axe Rampage. More with a melee relic, Melee COM, and a roid shield, with the Love Thumper, and Manly Man Shield being my preference. The Law and Order combo works too.

I see what your saying but I don’t have nothin good no good weapons at all mostly greens to be honest with you

Ok, so I prefer melee with Krieg and it requires less gear. At L43, you should be inTVHM, have you done Mercenary day DLC yet or have you done the Law and Order side quests as suggested above. This will sort your gear out. We can go over gear later. Krieg’s melee is so strong, gear doesn’t matter much unless you have a flying boss like Bloodwing, Bunker, or the Sawtooth buzzards mini boss.
Ok, so the points in Thrill of the Kill, Strip the Flesh, Salt the Wound, Blood Twitch can be rearranged as you like or start filling up Blood Bath. None of those really matter. Don’t take Redeem the Soul if you play Co-Op, but you definitely want it Solo. You don’t need Silence the Voices till L60+

We’ll get to gear in a sec because it’s secondary to play style. You need to learn how to use Release the Beast (RtB). When your health is in RtB range, there is an exclamation point by it, hit your action skill and melee everything and then use your thrown axes for far off targets. That’s it. You have to practice to get it right and be aggressive enough to get in groups of enemies and then stay alive till it ends and you can re-use it. It will take practice.

So now you need gear that helps with this. For a full list, search the forums for melee Krieg builds and his top gear. The Loot train from Mercenary day DLC will provide everything I’m suggesting, though the Order shield is easy from the sidequest. I’m going to put as a separate post as this is getting long and I’ll put in vertical format. None of this gear is essential, RtB is strong enough at TVHM.

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Shield: Roid shield with longest possible delay
Class mod: Doesn’t matter but I like Blister COMs for extra grenades, Crunch is also good.
Relic: The ones that extend Fight For Your Life time, you will be in FFYL a lot as you learn this play style
Grenade: Slag Bouncing betties with a 1 or 2 sec delay are my favourite, but slag singularity with a delay is also good. You want to throw a bunch, then use the delay time to go into RtB then they are slagging when you are in RtB.
Weapons: You want a slag gun, a strong launcher-bandits are great. The slag gun is for slagging before RtB, but also for slagging in FFYL before switching to the launcher for a second wind. You also want a fast projectile speed gun for flying targets, I recommend a Maliwan sniper like a Snider. Take any strong gun for the fourth slot, maybe a shotgun as it works with Salt the Wound and the fast projectile speed ones fit the flying target use too.

I tried to be generic in my weapon suggestions as you have little and you’ll out level stuff fast so no point in farming for specifics. I can be more specific if you want though, let me know.

Good stuff here. My level 58 build is where I take it to the Release the Beast. I like to go down to Bloodsplosion first because it will help a ton with mobbing, especially when playing under-leveled

I think Melee Krieg requires more skill than most people realize and you’ve pointed that out regarding health management with Release the Beast & risk management with Silence the Voices. I honestly skip Silence the Voices altogether and that’s part of why I build Krieg out that way I do. I like putting in a little bit of the Hellborn skills because they really come in hand in all the areas outside of Opportunity, the path to Bunkr, and Hero’s Pass in the base game. It’s in those areas that Bloodsplodiing with a corrosive weapon reaps major benefits, since Bloodsplosion matches the element used to get the kill.

So, If I just segmented off the portion of my build with just the melee components and a few tweaks for good measure, this if how my Melee Pyro Krieg looks at 43

Sometimes I run it with an inflammable shield of whatever sort I can find to be safe, sometimes Flame of the Firehawk, sometimes a roid shield.

I started my first Krieg Vanilla in 2014, and revisiting him with the Community Patch this is my current level 72 build.

To say the Community Patch has allowed me to make the most of my particular preferences is an understatement. I don’t know if the UPC skills calculator has been updated to reflect the toning down of the buffs.

Ultimately, as far as basic gear goes, Mission Rewards can help carry you though:

For Melee:

Stalker of Stalkers/ Best Mother’s Day Ever - Love Thumper
Won’t Get Fooled Again - The Law
BFFs- Order

For Pyro:
Cult Following - Flame of the Firehawk ( get a Lasceaux while you’re there)
Safe & Sound - Heartbreaker

Just good to have in general:
Ol’ Slappy - The Octo Shotgun, especially in elements.

General areas to get things from easy sources:
Tipping Moxxi to get the Good Touch in Sanctuary
blasting the head off the snowman at the start of Tundra Express to get a Tinderbox
Opening the Box in the Dust to get a Gwen’s head, especially elemental variants

This is guaranteed Gear, maybe not always having the best parts, but it’s viable gear that at time time will be a big upgrade on what you have.

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Just a note on your L43 Vanilla Build, Fuel the Rampage isn’t desirable even solo as you have no cool down with RtB… 5/5 in Thrill of the Kill isn’t needed, 2/5 is enough… I prefer Mania because I get the explosive axes in RtB which synergize with strip the flesh and crunch mods…

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I guess I should have mentioned that even when I make a melee build, I don’t aim to use Release the Beast as my primary means of damage. I only use it as a last resort, kind of like how I use Come At Me Bro with Salvador. Maybe it’s insecurity, but once I start going into FFYL with a character, I optimize my builds to avoid it as much as possible, which is why I don’t spec into most skills that extended it.

So the confession here is, Release The Beast, in my builds, might as well be a user activated Grit (break in case of emergencies).

a bit off topic from the OP, but as you use RtB as a last resort, I’m surprised you take Blood Trance in your max level build, as if you don’t plan to be in it, why have it last longer? If you are using Buzz Axe Rampage without RtB (something most melee players wouldn’t do) then Fuel the Rampage would actually make sense for you if you were playing solo. And if you were playing solo, I’d still stick one point in Redeem the Soul, as it’s one point and as everyone goes into FFYL at some point, why not have the extra security. With your max level build, is 5/5 in Thrill of the Kill really needed, usually the damage scaling means that 1/5 or 2/5 will heal you completely on any random kill, but I have to say, I’ve never run with a build like this, nor have I ever used the UCP.

Just a note to the original poster if you look at @isthiswill 's build, he’s running a very unusual Krieg setup for melee. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or is “wrong”, Krieg is very unusual and there’s no wrong way to play the game, just I would look for a more standard melee build to learn how to cycle RtB and branch out to unusual builds when you are more experienced. Again, I don’t want to be implying that you shouldn’t try different things or that there’s only one way to play melee Krieg.

I run the normal melee Mania/Bloodlust vanilla setup (as on console), happily getting RtB at level 31 and feeling complete when I can double capstone with Bloodsplosion at 57. I figure Krieg is all about life and death and that I’ll be in FFYL with him a bit, though I don’t take Redeem the Soul unless I know I’m playing solo. When I first started with Krieg, I was in FFYL even more and found a Tenacity Relic (increased FFYL time) and later a Heart relic (weapon damage plus increased FFYL time) really useful. As I got more experienced, I switched to Blood relics (weapon damage and max health).

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I use Blood Trance in my UCP build, which is a little different than my Vanilla Build, in which I skip it.

In the UCP I alternate between Melee, Guns, and Grenades a lot more often. My focus in the UCP build is Explosive damage mainly, I used a Crunch Mod with an Explosive Relic to boost that. I do melee {without} RtB at points depending on the enemy type, if I’ve run out of Ammo or grenades. If my health is low enough then Release the Beast has me covered, if it’s not that low, getting a regular melee kill has me covered. Now I’m not playing with OP levels as I only play Krieg in spurts. Once I hit 72 I stopped playing him (took me a till part way through Campaign of Carnage in UVHM). I skipped just about every side mission I could in TVHM up till just about Sawtooth where things scale up severely. So when I pick him back up, I’m doing the side missions in UVHM that I skipped in the main campaign for fun and some of the DLC at 72. I’m just not that interested in OP levels. Because of that I’m not clear on the math of the damage scaling and health recovery at level 72. So maxing out health recovery skills, and making sure I have ample time & damage when I go into Buzzaxe rampage to get kills to restore health or run like a madman to where ever I need to get to with that added damage resistance to keep me alive, I’m covered.

Most all of my mobbing builds are general use, a little bit of everything so I can be viable doing just about anything I want with the character without having to respec my skill tree. And in a pinch, in Loader Heavy areas if I run out of ammo with my good corrosive weapons, Rampaging has saved me in all manner of ways when I was in danger of being one-shotted.

I could play with some of the point distributions, but in general my goal is to get to Bloodsplosion and Release the Beast with the skills I really want, and then I just fill out the rest of the points in things that are OK to have, which explains some of the redundancy. If I just outright respec’d once I got enough skill points to get both capstones and then some I’m sure there are plenty of tweaks and optimizations to accommodate various COMs and Relics, but I generally build in a way where I don’t have to do that to get some good skill boosts with any of the mods I have. I’m pretty sure at this point I’ve managed to get all the legendary COMs for Krieg. His and Zer0s are about the 70% of what drop for me from Tubbies anymore.

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