Krieg law+order bug vs Voracidous the Invincible

I am playing as Krieg in normal mode on Linux, I have Law and Order equipped, and I decided to solo Voracidous the Invincible thinking I could health gate until everyone else is dead, trouble is Law and Order doesn’t regenerate health when dealing damage to Voracidous’s shield. Any ideas what could cause Law and Order to stop working?


Do you find that this occurs on most shields, or strictly Voracidous?

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As far as I can tell, yes. Health regen with law and order worked on the Gluttonous Thresher, which has a huge shield for a non-boss and enough damage output that health regen had to work in order to melee it to death, and the Handsome Sorcerer and the Handsome Jack body double, which also have large enough shields that I would have noticed if heath regeneration wasn’t working. I haven’t tried Rubi because it doesn’t give high enough regeneration to health gate without silence the voices (I avoid STV like the plague, it kills me repeatedly whenever I have it), and the completionist in me forced me to complete the beard makes the man quest, so no Grog Nozzle.

EDIT: Law+Order Regen vs shields doesn’t work on other shielded opponents in the big game hunt DLC, I didn’t notice while playing Krieg because he does so much damage that the only other shielded enemy didn’t stand a chance (also a stalker, just not a raid boss stalker). I tried fighting the non-raid boss stalker with Axton and found that Law+order did not work correctly.

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Maybe the way Law and Order work is that you only gain health for the Health Damage. Maybe knocking the shield down doesn’t count towards it’s regeneration because it’s not technically damaging the creature.

Either way, that adds a new spin on it.

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My law & order combo stopped working today. But I realized how I broke it and it was easy to fix.

I had my law equipped. I changed my shield to a turtle shield for a bit. Then I changed it back to order. Law & order health regen wasn’t wasn’t working so I swapped to another gun and back to the law. Law & Order worked again.

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