Krieg Leveling advices for a Mania build4.0k

Any chance someone could somehow fix the broken link below?

Leveling advices for a Mania build4.0k

I could use this guide right about now.

Sorry, looks like it’s gone - I can’t even access it via the Wayback Machine. The only instance of the page containing the original link is this one:

However, the archiving doesn’t go very deep. Paging @xmngr for Krieg assistance…


what assistance do you need?

@Forkinator needs some advice for levelling a mania build, but the original link is dead. Got anything bookmarked?

Level, playstyle and gear you want to use.

@VaultHunter101 Thanks for looking into it and paging the master.

Hey xmngr. Boy am i glad to see you around. I have been lurking for a bit, reading a lot, but now i want to start taking krieg as far as i can. Problem is, the more i read about krieg, the less i know which build will be best for me.

Like you suggested though, I will give you some info on how I would like to play krieg, my gear, and my current level. This may come down to two separate builds, hopefully you can tell me.

A little background info : Back when TVHM was the last playthrough you could do, I leveled my zer0 to 61 and then stopped playing. I am back now and want to try out Krieg. Leveling krieg to 72 seems much more difficult than when i leveled Zer0…at least in the lower levels.

Anyways, while leveling, I want a survival build that can dish out damage to mobs and main story/dlc bosses (not raid bosses yet). I understand that Krieg is a high risk high reward type of character, but I think it would be easier for me to ease into playing Krieg if I did not die as much? Not sure if that makes sense.

I am getting used to melee, which i never thought i would get into, but Krieg does not have much to keep him alive at lower levels ( at least until 31) and right now, I am level 22 (with this build ) and dying too often when there are a lot of enemies. I have FotF, shock fastball, corrosive infinity, dpuh, nukem, striker, good touch, and bad touch (all items are close to my level)

The way i have been playing is when i see a group of mobs, i shoot at them while running towards them. When my shields go down, i build stacks of stw, and then activate BxR when i get low and mow enemies down. This is fine but then i go down after BxR is over, since two minutes cooldown is a lot of time during a fight. Do i just need to survive this? Is it worth speccing into FtR until i get to 31?

So for a leveling build, I don’t mind any specific playstyle, as long as I can avoid dying a lot, but i also want to be doing a lot of damage to multiple enemies. I chose krieg because I know that he can be a really fun character to play if you know how to use him right. I don’t mind farming gear either and i have all the dlc.

After getting to 72, I want an OP8 build that can solo peak. I don’t know enough about krieg or the peak to know how difficult it is to solo it with Krieg. Ideally, I would like to avoid melee while doing digistruct peak. I have never even tried a higher level krieg, but Release the Beast looks really fun at first, but it looks like it could get boring if its the main way of staying alive and doing damage. And from the footage i have seen at the peak, A melee build seems more difficult.

The playstyle i enjoy most is running and gunning, occasionally melee when getting close. I always saw Krieg as this psycho that causes chaos and destruction around him. It would be fun to imitate this in a build, but i would much rather go for a build that is going to get me through from now till UVHM with as much ease as possible, without being straight up cheese, if that makes sense.

As far as gear, Shotgun, pistol, smg, and nades, imo seem like a good choice for krieg.

Let me know what you think. I am really looking forward to hearing from you. I really don’t mind reading a lot of text, but I totally understand if you do not want to write a bunch. Also, not sure if it makes a difference in what you will suggest, but I am using the Unofficial Community Patch 4.0.9


Moved some posts and your original request into a new topic, since the Community Krieg Guide is ment as collection of builds more than a place to discuss the builds itself.
I hope you find the build you´re looking for, I´m sure our Psycho-specialist @xmngr can help :heart:


I am hardly an expert, but I recently took my Krieg to 72. Run and gun was what I was used to, and in the early game seemed the most practical. As a result I started in the Bloodlust tree. How I started blowing stuff up. I continued through Blood Trance, moved on to Boiling Blood and ended NVHM with Bloodsplosion. When I got partway through TVHM I respecced into Mania for Release the Beast (skipping Thrill of the Kill and Silence the Voices) and then started filling Bloodlust up again. I used Blister coms for extra nades, slag bouncing betty with a dash of fastballs, health or explosive relics and adaptive shields, and Torgue armaments. In UVHM I switched to a legendary reaper com, a Blood of the ancients for shotgun ammo sometimes, and a Rough Rider. I don’t know how the UCP changes things because I’m on console and can’t use it, but I was able to be pretty dominant for most of my leveling that way. On the other hand, I would ignore everything I’ve said once @xmngr chimes in with better advice. I found this thread helpful while I was finding my way. The replies to the original post cleared up a lot of questions I had while scratching my head at the skill trees. The good thing about riding a meat bicycle is that once you learn you will never be quite the same ever again.


Just to let you know, Krieg in low levels may be glass cannon-ish sometimes since it relies quite a lot on certain skills (namely, Release the Beast).

For this I can suggest you a build that mixes Bloodlust and Mania trees, so skills can synergyze properly and give you more survivality (aka spec into Thrill of the Kill). Later on, when you have enough skill points, throw points into a Hellborn/Mania spec. You will still dying tho xD It happens even to me xD

I love SMGs and shotties :heart_eyes:

Krieg in the peak is hard, quite. My best bet it would be going thru it co-op.

UCP does make a difference. I’ve been away from that stuff tho.
Anyway, when some other stuff I’ll post it here. Might post some of my videos.

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Thanks for making this a new post. At first it started as me looking for the mania build advice thread but the link…yeah lol.


Thanks for the info. I’m open to all suggestions since I am knew with krieg. Since I’m now level 33, I’m doing as you said. I specced into mania down to RtB but I put one point in thrill of the kill for survival. It is an amazing skill when paired with the fastball. Saved my ass many times before I had RtB. Now I’m starting in the bloodlust tree and it really is as people say, a support tree for krieg. Thanks fo the advice. Just started TVHM so it’s gonna be a while till I get to UVHM.


Sorry for the late reply, been really busy lately with work. Thanks for the info. I am Mainly looking for survival tips specific to krieg. Now that I’m in TVHM, things are a bit more difficult for obvious reasons but now with RtB it’s easier.

Seriously though, it is so damn fun now that I have RtB. That skill is incredible and with StV, it’s a little overkill in TVHM. Literally one shotting all mobs so far when in RtB but I’m definitely finding that StV is hitting me more than 12%. I should make a video of me hitting myself 1000 times. It might still be too small of a sample size to get an accurate idea of how often StV self hit procs though…but it really feels higher than 12% and I consider 12% to be about 2 self hits every 10 melee hits.

Anyways,my end goal is to play krieg op8 and solo peak. Have you done it? If so, did you run hellborn/bloodlust? Or hellborn/mania?

I’m just curious when or even if I should Respec into hellborn/mania or hellborn/bloodlust and how is it going to help me out in UVHM. I’ll watch your vids in a bit.

Thanks again!


It’s a lot overkill, so you shouldn’t waste points there until UVHM. Or at all if you dislike it (I play StV-less mania/bloodlust Krieg).

It sure does. And your rate of melee attacks goes down even further, since mashing the button is how you get chains of hitting yourself (there are lots of threads on the topic, if you’re curious) so you’ll want to wait for the animation from one attack to complete before starting the next.

Good luck with that. It’s probably possible, but he’s the hardest VH to solo all the way through the Peak. I’d suggest taking him as far as you can on the Peak and then declaring victory wherever you end up. :slight_smile:

Regarding hellborn respecs, that’s up to you. I like mania/bloodlust and have never spent a point in the hellborn tree. Bloodsplosion and RtB are too fun to give up one of them, and the whole “being on fire” thing doesn’t really appeal to me. If it sounds interesting to you, respec whenever you want, you’re already high enough level to get all the way down the tree.

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A lot of good discussion here on Hellborn-Mania builds and the Peak.