Krieg Mechanics Reviewed

Hellfire Halitosis

  • CAN APPLY MULTIPLE HARD HITTING FIRE DOTs on the same/multiple targets (even during BXR/RTB mode). The F4 for elemental effect formula is 1.5 (ideally would fire it with fuel the fire kill skill active so these potential DOTs catch on). Casting it while being on fire makes use extra fire DOT damage bonus from Burn Baby burn while burning.
  • Remember, when combo-ed with elemental empathy these hard hitting FIRE DOTs will generate A LOT OF HEALING for the duration of the fire DOTs (could be useful to set something on fire before running on the open field while being shot at ?)
  • can be used to ignite an enemy / set self on fire for the on fire bonuses (and triggering perma on fire raving retribution) DURING BXR/RTB mode. (try and have fuel the fire kill skill active, the odds are not great without it )
  • has inconsequential impact damage that uses Krieg’s crit damage multiplier (random useless fact of the day)

Raving Retribution

  • Is a (grenade) splash Fire attack so it will benefit from grenade damage bonuses ( Fuel The Blood great for melee builds ) and will trigger Blood Bath when/if it scores kills (great for gun builds)
  • it has F4 = 3 in the chance to apply elemental effect formula. With Fuel The fire kill skill active this gets above 100% chance to set things on fire vs targets of or near level parity. So when using a build + COM that gets you 100% chance to self ignite - once you set yourself on fire and have enemies to kill to keep fuel the fire bonus active - Raving Retribution will MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOU BURNING EVEN DURING BXR/RTB for the damage reduction bonus from numbed nerves, melee damage from pain is power and elemental sympathy healing and great thorns damage from fuel the blood boosted raving retribution.

Even with his obscene fire DOT damage multiplier ( can get > *4 with Burn COM and fire relic ) I don’t think the fire DOTs from Fire Fiend and/or Raving Retribution do that much/significant damage (EDIT: actually its not a joke vs slagged health) … ( but they will heal you through elemental sympathy akin to an extra passive health regen while in combat) …

The fire damage type lowers its viability vs a lot of enemy types so its not quite as strong/versatile as the bloodsplosion alternative for a melee build…


The real power of Raving Retribution comes when comboed with Flame Flare. The second burn gets hit by slag a second time, so the already powerful burn damage gets tripled again.

What exactly does the F4 mean ingame? Does 1.5 = 15% elemental effect chance? That’s the only thing that makes sense to me, so Raving Retribution = 30% and Halitosis = 15%.

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A bit more complicated than that.

Take a look at F2 first:

“F2: (base chance to apply effect of element type vs defense type) (UVHM mode tested)
SLAG (30 vsHealth, 30 vsArmor, 30 vsShield)
Fire (30 vsHealth, 15 vsArmor, 15 vsShield) // 60 vs health in TPS
Electric (15 vsHealth, 15 vsArmor, 75 vsShield)
Corrosive (15 vsHealth, 30 vsArmor, 15 vsShield)”

So slag has equal chance to be applied regardless of defense type (be it shield, armor or health). The other elemental types are a bit more fastidious . Electric DOT for example is really easy to apply vs shields and 75/15 = 5 times less likely vs armor or health.

Fire starts at 30% vs health and 15% vs shields or armor.

F4 >1 in an ability means that ability gets an extra bonus to the chance to apply that effect.

For items (weapons or grenades F4 value is dependent on the weapon/grenade parts. For weapons the BAR extra chance to apply elemental effect and flicker are also calculated in F4 )

So vs equal lvl health enemy 30 * 3 = 90% for Raving Retribution (and 15 * 3 = 45% vs shields or armor).
Firebreath has less of a bonus so 30 * 1.5 and 15 * 1.5

All of this assuming enemies of equal level to krieg. The chance to apply elemental effects is lowered vs enemies of level higher than the caster. (F6 multiplier in the bla bla formula)

And since this is krieg and fire DOTs we’re taking about … very likely his F9 will be >1 from Burn Baby Burn and often from Fuel the Fire killskill (incredibly strong effect).


Thank you for your work peddroelm!