Krieg Melee Formula?

I was wondering how the skills, weapons, and even roid shields interact with his damage. I couldn’t find a formula else where so any feed back would be helpful? :slight_smile:

It looks like we lost the original post from the old forums, but I found this Reddit post that might help.

Thank you very much

I looked over the section on Krieg, it had some useful information but left out most of the skills. There was some on melee blades, and action skill, but nothing on STV, Empty the Rage, damage from salt the wound, release the beast, blood overdrive,or fuel the blood… :crying_cat_face:

I believe everything gets added together and multiplies his base melee damage. Unfortunately it’s not something that’s easy to test, but @DankRafft might know the answer.

I think his formula was something like

meleeDamage = ((base * (1 + kriegBonus) * RtB) + roid) * (1 + meleeBonusSum)


base = 20 * 1.13^{charLevel}

is the base melee damage all chars have

kriegBonus = (0.016 * charLevel) - 0.2

is the bonus to melee damage exclusive to the Psycho class

RtB as the Release the Beast modifier

roid as your Roid Damage

and meleeBonusSum being the sum of all melee bonuses krieg has (I don’t really remember if/where BAR melee bonus is applied, I’m assuming together with his skills)

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thank you very much, this helps a lot :smile:

this or one of its children, perhaps?

Thanks but I already have those links in the community guide over here. Unfortunately the archiving of the old forum didn’t grab everything and that particular post wasn’t on the front page, so it was skipped. :dukesad: Maybe @Sljm still has it lying around somewhere?

It’s a month late, but for those interested, I still have a screenshot of Sljm’s Krieg melee formula post from the old forums:


thanks a bunch my dude