Krieg non-melee build

I’ve used melee Krieg at lvl 57 with RtB but I still found it boring. But yea I’m going Bloodlust right now and I’m trying to get Bloodsplosion asap

Bloodsplosion is frickin dope. It’s actually the only way I’ve ever killed Vorac in UVHM.
Bonus Package is great. Ogre, Ravager, Nukem, Creamer come to mind.
Quasar is also super helpful for clustering.

This is the build I use for my gun based Krieg:

  • COM
  • Beginners - Legendary Torch
  • Advanced - Legendary Reaper
  • Shield
  • Flame of the Firehawk
  • Rough Rider - If you don’t like watching the FotF’s novas, your gun can proc Bloodbath on its own, or you want the extra challenge. Plus you aren’t screwed if you happen to go into FFYL, unlike with the FotF.
  • Relic
  • Bone/Elemental
  • Or a Blood of the Ancients if you prefer having more bullets instead of having them hitting hard, plus extra survivability.
  • Grenade
  • Storm Front - Mandatory if you’re using the Rough Rider
  • With 10/5 Bloodbath I don’t really need slag for mobbing, so I like the Chain Lightning for keeping myself on fire and striping enemy shields.
  • Guns
  • Everything you might want to use can be found here.

Since you’re not max level yet, I’d recommend sticking to melee until you are ready to farm for a lot of gear. Melee Krieg is simply a lot easier to level even if you plan on eventually having a different build.

There is also his Fastball build if you’re interested.


Alright I’ll go for those later. I’m only lvl 11 so what about early game gear?

Alright, any specific skills I need so I don’t, u know, die?

I would recommend not going hellborn before you’re able to get 5/5 in Elemental Empathy later the “middle” parts of TVHM as the damage vs healing scale starts to get good enough just some levels before 50.

This would be my sugestion for skillpoint distribution at lvl31, with the order of leveling being:

  1. Blood-Filled Guns
  2. Blood Twitch
  3. Bloodbath
  4. Boiling Blood
  5. Nervous Bood
  6. Bloodsplosion

The plan is simple: get Bloodbath as soon as possible and extend your weapons’ lifetime as long as possible — it makes Torgue-barreled AR’s usage not that awful.

For the gear, weapons that proc Bloodbath and classmods that boost it (e.g.: Blister).

Alright sweet, so basically anything torgue for the gear right?

Yes but try to also have some non-torgue weapons for situations where projectile speed matters such as against flying or jittery-moving enemies (e.g.: surveyors and stalkers, respectively).

At this early-game, without points into recharge delay or self-ignition you’re able to use more than just the FotF, although its novas are strong enough to be used from NVHM to TVHM you’ll have other alternatives for protection rather than boosting the offensive, preferably adaptative or booster shields.

Tediore chuck-reloads also proc BB - also grenades.

Any grenades proc Bloodbath, even ones like teslas.


If you’re going all-Torgue, try to find a Crunch COM. Specifically the Flesh Crunch.
If you’re using a variety of weapons, like I am, use the Blood Blister/ Legendary Reaper COM.
Full Hellborn Build= Power Toast/ Leg. Torch COM.

Even if you do go all Torgue
as long as you can keep Blood Bath active
legendary Reaper will be better
having more damage
as well as giving some boosts to other skills(especially Thrill of the Kill/Fuel the Fire)

I think you might like what I am doing w/ my Krieg, it’s a hybrid build, but I honestly rarely ever melee attack, instead I usually just throw my Buzzaxe a ton during Buzzaxe Rampage (aka BxR), I nabbed Buzzaxe Bombardier which goes well with that style of BxR usage: I use it mainly when I expect to take some non-trivial punishment so I can chain full-heals off of getting kills and stay on my feet that way. I do eventually plan to get Release the Beast (aka RtB) eventually, but I went after the core stuff in Bloodlust tree first. Final target build is pretty close to the standard Bloodlust-Mania type Krieg builds mentioned elsewhere, currently just cleared Hatred’s Shadow in NVHM, so I’m only partway there though.

My current tree, at level 42, is:

Endgame target, not sure what I will do w/ last 3 points though, maybe 3/5 Empty the Rage:

Forgot to mention that I am running a Blister com, and will likely do so even endgame (so that’s a Purple com, not Legendary).

Gotta agree, the Crunch com’s explosive bonus is great but as an overall com its somewhat lackluster because it only boosts raw damage. The Reaper, Toast and Barbarian all offer overall better bonuses in addition to boasting similar damage.

What specific guns would you recommend as your go to 4 slots for mobbing generally? I have most all the gear farmed just curious to which ones I should be sticking to. I’m trying out your build.

  • I usually have a Grog in one of the slots, which I break out whenever I need to strip my FotF to start the nova chain again. I find it a lot safer this way compared to relying on my enemies to do it. And then it usually never comes out again unless I need to CL heal because my FotF’s can’t reach the next batch of enemies.

  • And because I’m lazy I usually have a Norfleet on the off chance I go down, or the decent chance I down myself with a barrel or a self harm gun.

  • If you think you’ll need slag I go for the Slagga as I hate the drunk effect on Krieg, and Murphy’s law seems to always be active when I use a Grog on Krieg.

  • My favorite gun to use on Krieg is currently the Omen, followed closely by the Twister. But I use a bunch of stuff on my Hellborn Krieg, as when you’ve been playing the same game for over 3 years you like to change it up from time to time… even if the stuff isn’t the mooost effective.

  • Other guns that are fun

  • Butcher

  • Kitten

  • Carnage

  • Teeth of Terra/Blockhead aka mini Omens in the case of Krieg

  • And melting Bunker and the Warrior with a Conference Call is very satisfying IMO

  • Etc…

And if you want to move 2 of the points in ‘Thrill of the Kill’ into ‘Strip the Flesh’, it is probably better, especially on a Reaper set up. I just haven’t gotten around to changing it. Partially because I’m doing other things, and partially because my slight OCD won’t allow it.

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Alright thank you! Very informative stuff :slight_smile: What Shield do you find yourself using more on this set up The rough rider or FotFH? They both seem great but I can’t test the Flame since I don’t own one currently. Also do you happen to have a link to your Hellborn build because I’d love to test that also. I’m trying to branch away from Meele as I go up in op levels.

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And if you can mind dropping the same style of what 4 weapons you cling to the most as a Hellborn Krieg I’d appreciate it a ton. I apologize if this is a ton to ask for, I’m new on the forums and just am looking for as much info as possible since I just leveled my Krieg to max.

I tend to use the FotF more as it helps to metaphorically “cover the the tracks” of the guns that can’t proc Bloodbath on their own like the Butcher and the Kitten. The novas are considered “explosions”, so kills made by them give you the much wanted/needed 250-500% gun damage. The FotF also gives you better survivability as it will light all of the enemies around you on fire, causing ‘Numbed Nerves’ and ‘Elemental Empathy’ to make you near unkillable. While also giving you plenty of of Bloodlust stacks, etc…

The Rough Rider is more for the reasons I mentioned above. The nova’s don’t hurt my eyes and I don’t particularly care for the extra challenge simply because I think the FotF is “easy mode”. I usually break it out just to change up the pace of my game play or I use it to gauge how powerful weapons are w/out the help of the FotF.

And that is my Hellborn build. I just tend to call my gun based Krieg my “Hellborn Krieg” as well. Sorry for the confusion.

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Ohhhhhhh alrighty then. What mod do you prefer for this? Reaper or Torch then?