Krieg OP 10 fix

Ok first off let me just say how great of a game it was and how three of them company gear boxes to give us a free DLC and it was worth every second of playing it I’m continuing to update the game and keeping it fresh…

now now the only problem I’m having is my favorite character and the only character I really play is Krieg the psycho I love planning as him and I loved his skills and his tree and everything about playing with Creed but at level 80 he can do it all but when it comes to op10 it’s so hard for me to even kill all the mobs as even with the flame of the Firehawk build or the melee build don’t get me wrong he can kill some things but I’m going down and fight for my life way too often and just completely dying way too much not before anybody says anything I know the enemies are 10 levels higher in the raid bosses are a lot higher than that but at this point I can’t even have fun or have a good time on op10 with Krieg oh I’m not sure if he’s the only character with this problem but I know the Gunzerker can roll and zero can do anything their skills are just what they need to be in my personal opinion I think Krieg needs an update on some of the skills possibly he just needs more damage in my opinion in some way or maybe more base health but I don’t know I’m not no professional what do you other guys stand and gearbox please consider doing something to help Krieg and op10 I’m not saying make a pre overpowered but just something needs to be done where I can play my favorite character please and thank you and everyone else leave your comments or whatever you please and let me know what you think or maybe give me some tips but like I said I have tried the flame of the Firehawk the gun build I’ve tried pretty much everything that I could think of and everything I looked up on YouTube but just let me know happy looting

Krieg is one of my mains, and I can’t really say that he got any worse at op10 now.

In my opinion there’s really no need to fix anything, because there’s nothing wrong with him.

Yes, enemies are 2 levels tougher now, but he also has 8 more points and gear increased too.

Only thing I did now at op10 was change from Sheriff’s Badge to a Blood relic for more health to make him a bit more tanky, so I have time to throw slag crossfires and shoot a bit to get bloodlust stacks up before I rampage.

My favourite style is Bloodlust Mania and he’s still mobbing like before. I’m not a big raid boss killer with anyone but Sal, but Pete for example still bloodsplodes like before.

If you’re struggling so much now with him, maybe overthink your build again and try to adapt it? Have you upgraded all your gear and are you using what’s recommended for him?

I’d love to tell you there is something else you or gearbox could do, but how to fix something that’s not broken? He is still a beast bringing beautiful bloodsplosions to Pandora.

Here’s my main Krieg at op10 and he’s just fine


Maybe try a Mania build with Fire Fiend and Elemental Empathy? I’ve found that combo to work really well since you can now heal during BAR without having to get kills. Sure you’ll also have to deal with being on fire but Taste of Blood and Numbed Nerves help a lot with that.

When you get a chance, can you post your build/gear and describe how you play Krieg? There’s a handful of ways you can viably play Krieg on OP10, but he does require skills that are quite different from the other vault hunters, of course. The issue could be a plethora of things between spec, gear, playstyle, etc., and there are plenty of people here that would be more than happy to give suggestions.