Krieg OP8 Mods Please?

Could anyone trade me Krieg’s Sickle, Torch, Reaper and Psycho class mods? I can offer OP8 gear in return, message That_Player1 on PS3.

There pretty easy to get, just do a few dust runs, or badlands.

can someone help my friend here I know I don’t ask for any gear but need these for him if you guys need anything just check out my shop for anything that i can trade for them.

I have them all although not all of them are OP8, but if you still want them you can have them.

I belive I have the sickle at op8 and maybe the psyco if not than I have the reaper and psyco at lvl 72 no torch sadly.
Gotta help a friend of tank since he’s help me so much.