Krieg op8 trade list. looking for these, and have lots to trade

Krieg needs (op8): evisceration rubi (slag, maliwan grip), casual flakker, rough
rider (97X,XXX)
, explosive fastball, lucid or impetuous florentine (maliwan grip),
legendary sickle (56%), scream sickle (+6 stv), alkaline love thumper,
gentle blockhead, incendiary fastbal, swift kitten (fire, perfect or ideal parts), practicable conference call (slag, hyperion grip), practicable slow hand (slag), elemental relic explosive damage 39%, Monstrous/Banbury/Barking/Fashionable Pimpernel (fire, maliwan grip).

updated 8/31

i got a casual flakker you can have it just msg my gt frixity

I have the rubi

GT: EVO Escalibur

thank you guys. op updated

Op8 Norfleet to trade for a 61

I dont have a 61 norfleet.

I have a op8 evisceration Grog Nozzle but not a Rubi

thanks, but no thanks. I have one already

op updated.

updated, please inquire about trades. I have lots of 72 and op8 gear.


You posted once earlier about a norfleet. Do you care to be more specific about this trade request?

Yes I would like a 72 or sham or storm front I will give you 0p8 weopns

do you have anything from my list?

ill take that as a no? op updated.

made some progress this morning. op updated

Ive got OP8 Leg Sickle, not sure if exactly 56% and an Impetuous Florentine. I have a kitten, but its a ferocious kitten. I also have an Evisceration Grog from the loot hunt if you’re interested.

EDIT: Just noticed you didnt want the grog :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like that kitten and florentine.I really could use that sickle com. anything you are looking for? gt: x8u11375p0n63x

jesus that GT. Just add me plz, all those numbers give me an eyeache :stuck_out_tongue:
Im looking for a Citrine Muckamuck, Citrine Quad, Bone of the ancients (fire), and/or Bone of the ancients (corrosive). Ill give you the stuff you want for free, but it would be greatly appreciated if you gave me one of the items im searching for!