Krieg play issues

Been playing through with Krieg and up to OP4. I noticed a few bugs on the xbox one that need addressing.
1.) When I get out of a vehicle my life drops by a third. Example, my base life is 1.5M to start then when I get off the hovercraft, truck, or car, my life drops to 950k.
2.) My fire rate sometimes slows down to a crawl. Even with all my stacks and buffs. Example: I have a infinity pistol that shoots one shot per second then I reload it (because the buffs allow me to) and it shoots normal.

Those two I believe are actual bugs.

These next few are really causing me to not enjoy the character.

  1. Silence the voices! I really feel its more than 12% chance per swing. I understand and researched the proc rate but for me it seems that either I have the WORST luck or is bugged. My friends wont let me play with that skill cause they constantly have to pick me up. I wouldn’t mind the damage so much as the stun effect. Not only do you take the damage, but your stunned.
  2. I don’t think Blood explosion is exploding properly in the OP levels. I watch the explosion and the enemies near by take no damage.
  3. Flame of the Firehawk! Awesome shield for Kreig! Please lessen the on screen flash for the procs. I have seen many people complain about the eye discomfort.

Other than that I love the character. BL2 is one of the best games out in my opinion for the xbox one.

My answers in order:

  1. I noticed this too. It’s an actual bug.

  2. Are you sure this is not because your Shield recharges and Embrace the Pain is hence not active anymore, or because you don’t have any Elemental Elation stacks anymore?

  3. It’s 12 %. This has been discussed over and over. The negative bias might make it seem more (and 12 % isn’t all that little after all), but it’s still one of this best skills for melee and totally worth it. Also I think it fits the character perfectly. Yes it’s annoying when it procs or even chains, but the damage is amazing when it doesn’t, and Krieg just is a high risk high reward char. If you want a clean melee character play Zero.

Related: be sure to check this vid:

(also from personal experience, don’t pick the number 8 for the test, lol)

  1. It is, but with enemies taking much more damage and being much more resistant and Bloodsplosion being calculated exponentially on overkill damage, it is even more important that you kill the first enemy with as much overkill damage as possible (means rapier outside of your action skill or Release the Beast melee in your action skill, not much else will work reliably) and that everything is slagged to keep the chain going.

  2. Yes it is annoying, but you’ll get used to it (at least kind of), you’ll see.

On the gun issue, yes. the same thing happens with or without any stacks. I use may different shield, rough rider, FotF, Bee (for those time when Melee isn’t a option). The guns fire slow. Sometimes It requires a reload, other I have the move in and out of the scope. Its weird.

Thanks for the replies. I have seem all the StV videos. I love the character and your right it does fit. I can’t count how many times I went into bloodrage hit myself 2 times in a row, then while stunned I got hit by the enemy and I’m down! I’ll just chalk it up to bad luck.

Ok strange, then I really don’t know about the fire rate thing.

No problem. StV self damage doesn’t scale properly with OP levels by the way because your health doesn’t increase anymore after 72 (but your melee damage does), to mitigate the problem and avoid killing yourself too much with it a Rough Rider or a +Health relic is really advisable on OP level, the higher you go the more important these get.

I’ve actually gone to the non StV survivor build with all the resistances running Rough rider and resistance relic. It’s boring and slow. I don’t take nearly as much damage, but my damage is GREATLY reduced. I feel useless. Especially in the Digistruct Assault. Have you found any builds that work great in in there?

Not sure what build you’re referring to with this, so I’d say the staples for OP8 are a bloodlust/mania focused melee build with 10/5 in StV (with legendary Sickle or Scream Sickle mod) and a Rough Rider or a bloodlust/hellborn focused gun build with FotFH.

Melee Krieg w/o StV is hardly viable.

Try these two builds:

I can’t speak on any specifics to Krieg simply because I don’t know the character (or any character, really) as well as I know Salvador, but I do have some input regarding issue 1.

I was fairly active back before the board overhaul, and I remember someone from GBX stating that the health loss isn’t a bug as much as it is a design flaw. All characters are “recalculated” when you exit a vehicle, and all their buffs and skills are reapplied. This means that any character with buffs to magazine size or health will find they are missing ammo/health when they exit a vehicle. It’s far more apparent with Krieg than other characters because of his immense amount of health buffs, but Salvador suffers from the same flaw, just not nearly as drastically (1.4M > 1.1M on mine IIRC). Not sure if it also includes +Health from shield/relic or if it only affects skill related buffs.

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Interesting background info, never knew this!

The funny thing was, the issue was always present. People only started noticing it when Krieg was released. It was so miniscule at lv50 on Salvador I had always assumed I didn’t fully recover from whatever damage I took while driving. I guess a lot of people had the same reaction until they lost nearly half their health all at once.