Krieg post patch-

Has anyone detected any buff or nerf with K skills or stuff?


Isn’t there an 800% buff to the “Light the fuse” skill?

Wait. WHAT?

That’s what I read. It was in the “Cloud kill… OP?” thread

There is no way that’s true, it was already extremely powerful.
But if it is, well, MORE BLOODSPLODING!!!

Let me double that by saying.


I’ll triple that, WHAT WHAT WHAT?

If that’s the case, I may have to go back to suicidal explosive Krieg

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I can’t express how much I missed watching creatures run from ME when I was in FFYL.


No. Wasn’t buffed.
5/5 StF. Same bad scaling, didn’t hurt larval varkids.


Oh well, I can always drop into OP0 if I want to change my play style. Thanks for checking this!!


nevermind. Looks like the Hellfire splash got buffed.

How so?

Have to test it

I mean, how do you know?

Tried it.
I don’t want to be the bearer of truth, but took me less to kill fleshy enemies now than pre-patch, OP8 consummate all maliwan.

Need more tests from the rest of the people, want to reach a solid conclusion.

I’m currently completely specced out of Hellfire since I’m still levelling up (currently @ 57). Other than DoTs generally seem more powerful, the only thing I noticed was that Kreig seemed more chatty than usual. Heard some lines I don’t remember ever hearing before!

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Like…which ones?

There was a long one about being the conductor on the bicycle and refreshments being served in the dining car (or something like that). Sorry - got a cold and its messing with my memory a bit.

Oh, yeah. That one where you crash into another car xD