Krieg the Arsonist

I’ve always been a melee/bloodsplosion kind of guy but the peak seems very tough with this setup. I’ve never used Hellborn before and would like to try, I rustled up a build combining Bloodlust and Hellborn, running the Reaper COM, my weapons at the moment are Slagga, DPUH, KerBlaster and a Nukem. Longbow Crossfire and Rough Rider, which i’m going to swap out for a FoFH as soon as I can get a decent roll of one from Lilith. Help me out and tell me where i’ve gone wrong or if it looks ok! You can just about see it all with Krieg’s hulking mass in the way :smiley:


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That skin is awesome.

Krieg looks like he could be featuring as front man for the Dropkick Murphys.

Anyway, would you happen to have a gameplay video of you killing about? The reason I ask, is because your playstyle may effect peoples suggestions to a certain degree.


Honestly a video might not help, i’m breaking habits now because i’m used to melee and slag+fastball cheese :smiley: I’m learning as I go! Is the build sensible?

As for the skin, yeah I don’t know where it’s from, it was just included in The Handsome Collection I think :slight_smile:

Preface this with a caveat that I am not a Krieg expert in comparison to some on the forums, and I found soloing the Peak hard with him.

In my own Peak style I usually go down Mania, because Release the Beast is very handy - especially for fights like Dukino’s Mom (if you release after the first shock spit that health gates you you’re usually invulnerable for the rest). I also spec Fuel the Blood and Bombadier, because it does yield a lot more power in dealing with more dangerous enemies; for instance, if you kill a midget and then throw axes at Dukino’s Mom you’ll get a lot of damage out pretty quickly.

This approach also lets me spec Silence the Voices - which makes it inadvisable to do much direct melee (though I’ve found it’s not good to do that anyway because it puts you at risk; cover and distance is best at the Peak!) but you can get weak enemies and then StV will buff your thrown axes.

I enjoy a Hellborn + Bloodlust combo when I’m feeling daring but don’t usually spec it at the Peak - a further reason being that I don’t find Bloodsplosion as useful as it might be. It’s good in some fights but the most dangerous enemies are often isolated - like surveyors - and having some form of health regen beyond a Grog Nozzle (which I do usually use) is often a life-saver. You may be more nimble and better at surviving than I am of course.

Keep in mind that fire isn’t very effective at the Peak - enemies that are usually flesh are just ‘normal’ there so take no extra damage from it - so the Rough Rider may be superior to Flame of the Firehawk. DPUH is Krieg’s gun, but if you are going for Hellborn some elemental weapons, preferably corrosive, will be really useful. They let you get Elemental Empathy in particular which can also be a saviour.

And that skin is hella sexy. I can almost see Krieg walking round Dublin in the annual ‘12 pubs of Christmas’ challenge.


Many thanks for the in-depth reply.

I am about to farm Krieg some Kittens, which sounds totally wrong… Would you recommend I just get Shock and Corrosive?

I like the bloodsplosion and hellborn trees of Kreig. You listed above a lot of explosive weapons (DPUH, KerBlaster) and those don’t use the hellborn tree skills. I suggest a good mix of corrosive, fire and shock gear. The community guide on this site lists the top and honorable mention gear for such a build…you should check it out.

Yeah, I had explosive stuff because I normally run a Flesh Crunch build with a fastball. But i’m working on updating his gear :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve farmed him a Kitten of each element at OP1, and just got a Reactive Slow Hand (Corrosive) for him.

Definitely. Corrosive is probably best, though shock will be useful too. Krieg can still make use of fire weapons at the Peak but they won’t be as effective as elsewhere. Best of luck with it! :slight_smile:

Well I managed to farm one of each (Slag, Corrosive, Incendiary and Shock), and so far only got one Slow Hand (B’Rex is being very tight) which isn’t Practicable unfortunately. Corrosive one anyway.

A Gub- Blood Filled Guns will balloon the mag to ridiculous levels, allowing you to maintain a long lasting stream of bullets. Also a Hail could be used to great effect. A L. Torch would boost the Hellborn skills, and while fire itself doesn’t do that much damage on the Peak, staying on fire increases the damage Krieg does with elemental guns, which is a good thing. A x4 MM would be excellent or go with a Slagga and use a Bouncing Betty, Storm Front, Quasar or Bonus Package to carpet bomb an area or to pull aggressive foes away from you. If this doesn’t work for you you could try running a Mania/Hellborn build to get RtB, Salt the Wound and StF- anything not killed by melee dies from grenades or shotguns- speaking of which, how well can you use a Flakker?


A purple Power Toast was the single most consistent COM for me for my Peak run - I eventually swapped back and forth with that and the L Reaper.

However as I started to unravel in around OP6, I started to do the RL / Flakker swap to get through certain areas.

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I’ve never used one at any length so i’d have to say not very well. I’m open to learning though, i’ve always wanted to unlock it’s potential (or rather my potential at using it, I guess), any tips on doing so would be appreciated.

So i’ve understood correctly, is this to achieve the same thing as when Sal is Gunzerking with a Pimpernel/RL?

Yes. You’ll need Blood Twitch maxed out and fairly high stacks to get fast swap speed.

Fire the Flakker , then immediately swap to a RL with the maximum single rocket damage : Ahab, Nukem, maybe Creamer. I used the Nukem because they were so abundant from all my failed runs.

The RL buffs the Flakker’s pellets and will melt D’s Ma or the Black Queens in a few shots. The Scorches were my biggest problem though. This didn’t seem to do the trick on them even when I kited them back to the archway. In fact I couldn’t find any way to efficiently deal with them. ( I didn’t have this problem with Maya, Axton nor Gaige though ).

When I get home this evening I’ll post my build as I can’t remember it now. Bear in mind that I still struggled massively so it will need to be taken with a grain of salt (the wound) :grin:

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I’ve seen that flakker/rl thing done in YT videos now that I think about it. And I also use Nukems :slight_smile: with Sal, because I can’t be bothered farming Gee/doing the Creature Slaughter. If I can get it from a vending machine, why do anything more, was my thinking :slight_smile: got a stock of them at various OP levels from my Sal updates so those are sorted. Casual Flakker with Torgue Grip and Hyperion Stock, i’m guessing?

Casual definitely. Stock is mostly unimportant for the Flakker but Hyperion is best.

Effectively this but on-level then? Image is from my TPS one.

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bang on

Here’s my Peak build for what it’s worth

Obviously I completely bypass BXR except to use it to run away like a little bitch.

It accommodates the Power Toast ( PiP ) and the Legendary Reaper - but I got the most out of the Toast there. (side note - I tried the Leg Torch and couldn’t get much out of it)

I used shotguns ( CC, Flakker, SWRDSPLSN!!, Butcher ), Harold and Kerblaster mostly with some Moxxi ( Hail, Kitten, Rubi, Grog depending on my level and what I had access to ). Harold was hands down the best ( I prefer the Hard prefix to save ammo - which can become a problem ). Storm Front is standard issue.
Relics were Blood of the Ancients ( I had two : SG + AR and SG + pistol ) ; and explosive relic for mini bosses.
Despite all claims that loaders have explosive resistance, I never had a problem using explosive - but I’m fairly diligent about triggering Bloodbath.

As I said earlier, this worked great until OP6 when it started not working and couldn’t find a different build that did it any better.


This is going to take a lot of changing on my part. Right from level 5 onwards all i’ve done with him is abuse his melee, and later his grenades. Seeing a build that doesn’t cap either Bloodlust or Mania is upsetting :smiley: but I understand why. I’ll try and get a Power Toast COM then, I don’t seem to have a Leg. Torch. Have a Leg. Reaper though.

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I actually found a Legendary Psycho worked for me at the Peak because of the massive bonuses to Blood-Filled Guns. The huge magazine size allowed chucking Tediore reloads (first a plasma caster, then a Baby Maker) in ffyl which gets second winds from enemies with a lot of health (including an almost full pod of OMGWTH). Worth considering.