Krieg the Pirate

Been toying around with various items on my Reaper Krieg as of late, eventually cobbling up a build with items from the Pirate Booty DLC. Because of the corrosive-only nature of several core weapons in this setup this build is designed for combat with armored foes.

Class Mod: Legendary Reaper The bonuses to Bloodbath, ToTK and Fuel the Fire make this the best mod for the build. A Purple Power Toast is also a viable alternative.

Shield: Evolution Drops from Hyperius the Invincible (you will be seeing this abit). The best shield for Krieg after the Rough Rider. It boosts health by a greater amount but has less dmg resistance, but has the added bonus of giving you abit of shield getting up from FFYL. Get one with the most health possible.

Relic: Bone of the Ancients or Blood of the Ancients depending on whether you want more DPS or more health (ammo isn’t a real concern). If you want to stick with the Pirate Booty theme, the Blood of the Seraphs is nearly as good as a BoTA and gives slow passive health regen which can be useful in between combat situations, though its completely useless when Krieg is on fire.


Slot 1: Corrosive Tattler Our DoT weapon. A powerful close-to-mid range SMG with a high DoT chance because of its multiple projectiles, while the Tattler doesn’t proc Bloodbath itself you will have Bloodbath almost all the time anyway because if the nature of out other weapons. Drops from Hyperius the Invincible.

Slot 2: Stinkpot Our main weapon (no really). Among the most reviled weapons in the game, it’s actually more powerful than most Jakobs rifles on loaders, and very powerful on Krieg. Like all grenadiers it has 100% Bloodbath proc chance, and if you can fan that hammer it can out-DPS most ARs on Krieg with a Reaper com. Damage, Mag size and Reload speed prefixes are best, and a Jakobs grip almost mandatory. One-time drop from No-Beard.

Slot 3: Gentie Retcher: Absolutely terrible with anything but a Gentle prefix, which ups its DPS to around the level of a corresponding Slow Hand or Carnage. The Retcher is not as powerful as the Stinkpot but will fare better in tight quarters. Drops from Hyperius the Invincible.

Slot 4: Slag Pimpernel The 2nd best slagging tool for Krieg and with decent killing power with Bloodbath active. Mission reward from Don’t Copy that Floppy from Censorbot.

Grenade: What else but Captain ;
Blade’s Midnight Sta-
…or not. Stormfront or Quasar will do best depending on one’s tastes. Sadly there wasn’t a decent seraph grenade from that DLC.



5/5 Blood-Filled Guns: Up to +250% mag size.The most powerful mag-size skill in the game, so an easy choice

5/5 Blood Twitch: Up to +150% swap speed upon a kill. The Pimp has a slow-swap speed, so this skill is key. The killskill duration from the com helps immensely also.

10/5 Bloodbath: Up to 500% gun damage upon kill with a grenade. One of the core skills this build revolves around, and stupidly powerful with guns that reliably proc it.


5/5 Feed the Meat: +50% max health and +2.5 seconds shield recharge delay. Comes after the Evolution and Blood bonus, which can give Krieg more than 3 million health.

5/5 Embrace the Pain: +35% Fire Rate when shields are down (and +5 seconds shield recharge delay). This is virtually all the time. Because the Stinkpot fires slightly slowly for a Jakobs rifle, boosting its FR actually helps it quite abit.

6/5 Thrill of the Kill Heal from 100% of overkill damage. Out main source of healing and will ensure one is back to full health after a kill.


5/5 Burn Baby Burn +35% ignite chance and +100% burn damage when on fire. More for the ignite chance than anything else, though the burn heal can still be useful against certain enemies.

10/5 Fuel the Fire +70% ignite chance and +200% dot chance on kill. Putting this many points in the top tier may seem excessive but in my experience you need 15 points here to reliably ignite on a single dot, which can be critical. The increased dot chance is great for slagging also.

5/5 Numbed Nerves +50% dmg reduction when on fire. Makes you damn tanky and can let you shrug off small arms fire.

5/5 Pain is Power +75% damage, -75% crit damage when on fire. Passive damage when Bloodbath is not active. The Stinkpot and the Retcher both don’t crit so they get the full bonus from this skill.

5/5 Elemental Elation Up to +100% Mag size and +60% fire rate. A no-brainer here.

4/5 Fire Fiend +28% Reload speed, +40% accuracy and chance to ignite enemies with melee strikes. You can choose to take points off Flame Flare to max this out.

1/1 Delusional Damage Allows Krieg to ignite from all dot sources. Absolutely essential Hellborn Krieg skill.

5/5 Flame Flare +100% burn duration. Allows Krieg to keep up his on-fire bonuses much longer, which can help in sparser maps. Like Blood Trance this is one skill which the level fo investment is up to player preference. I like 5-6/5, some don’t invest in this at all. After the last patch you will no longer stack dot and kill yourself but it does make enemy fire dot more dangerous by doubling its duration.

5/5 Elemental Empathy Heal from 25% of dot damage. ToTK is our main source of healing but this is atill essential at times.

1/1 Raving Retribution You shoot fireballs from your eyes when enemies hurt you. Aside from being awesome this allows you to keep up self-ignition, EE and Bloodlust stacks and procs Bloodbath on flesh mobs like engineers.


(Yes, I totally forgot the slag pimp was from the Pirate DLC when I made this)

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[quote=“vanaria32, post:1, topic:1554016”] Stinkpot … Among the most reviled weapons in the game[/quote]I’ve got your back here… love that gun.

[quote=“vanaria32, post:1, topic:1554016”]it’s actually more powerful than most Jakobs rifles on loaders[/quote]You’re on your own here though. :laughing:

[quote=“vanaria32, post:1, topic:1554016”]Gentie Retcher[/quote]It looks like you’re playing at OP8, so there’s no room for an overpower level buff to that gun. Is there something about how Krieg rolls that buffs this gun? The Carnage and Slow Hand hit surprisingly hard, and while I love me some Retcher, I do give it an OP buff to make its damage palatable (mine’s Gentle also).


Actually independent of character boosts because NE gets a penalty on armor and all the multipliers matching elements gets the Stinkpot does hit abit harder than your average Jakobs AR.

The Retcher hits about as hard as a Slow Hand on the card (About 2.1 million I think). The Retcher counts as a rocket so it procs Bloodbath which is a huge bonus for Krieg. Unlike the Slowhand it doesn’t get Reaper of Grenade boosts so its sort of lackluster on everyone else.

[quote=“vanaria32, post:3, topic:1554016”]Actually independent of character boosts because NE gets a penalty on armor and all the multipliers matching elements gets the Stinkpot does hit abit harder than your average Jakobs AR.
[/quote]For average Jakobs assault rifles and taking character skills out of the equation, that’s probably right. In practice (with character skills, crits, and the above-average Jakobs assault rifles that most of us use), I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong - I thought I was the only one who loved the Stinkpot (ran the Hyperion Circle of Slaughter with it once), but in the field, non-elemental Jakobs assault rifles can hit very hard.

[quote=“vanaria32, post:3, topic:1554016”]The Retcher counts as a rocket[/quote]The shot or the reload toss?

For classes with crit boosts I think the Stinkpot will suffer (especially with Maya since it doesn’t get Reaper). But independent of those and taking into account a Bone of the Ancients and the elemental multiplier the Stinkpot has the advantage per shot on anything besides the Bekah and Gatling…which isn’t too shabby.

The Retcher’s shot counts as a rocket, the throw as a grenade. Both do proc Bloodbath.

Ha, I’ve been reading this discussion about the Stinkpot and just had one drop.

Now talk about other hard to get gear!

Norfleet. 'Nough said.

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What’s a Norfleet? I swear that thing is a myth. :acmjk:

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I agree that Stinkpot is a pretty nice gun(or at least on Krieg)
With the 100% BB proc
And same base damage as a Jakobs cannon
Except that its corrosive so it gets multiplied…

One of the few elemental 100% BB proc guns too

Its very unfortunate that theres no seraph grenade in the pirate DLC