Krieg v Voracidous OP8 Weapons Check

So, my efforts to solo Terramorphous with Krieg haven’t gone so well, so I thought I’d take another stab at Vorac. Just thought I’d double check to make sure I have all the essentials.

Alkaline Hide of Terramorphous
Slag Rapier
Evisceration Grog Nozzle
Chain Lightning
Slag Longbow Crossfire lv 30
Explosive Elemental Relic
Legendary Sickle COM

I think that’s all I need. Am I missing anything that would be helpful for Bloodsploding this Raid Boss?

A storm front might be better for healing since it does constant damage rather than one-off like the chain lighting. Other than that, you should be good to go. Good luck.

You might want to start the battle with a Blister com and later switch to Sickle. Those extra grenades are pretty handy.

Grenades are why I was thinking Chain Lightning. In my past, failed, attempts at this, grenades often ran out before the Chief took the shield back. I’ll have to look for the Blister COM.

Well, finally got around to actually attempting this. No luck so far. Chain Lightning is definitely doing the job of keeping me alive. Its getting the Crossfires out in the final moments that is proving tricky. Maybe I should find which character has my Storm Front, and transfer it to Krieg. Use Chain Lightning to stay alive, and replenish grenades at the battle progresses, then toss out a Storm Front to sustain health for the final moments. A Blister COM never turned up for me, but not having it hasn’t been the problem.

Annoyingly, I actually did manage to set off the Bloodsplosion chain once. Only to see his health bar not take the slightest dip, then look around and find he had jumped clear of the savage horde.

Well, hopefully with a bit more practice, I can actually pull this off. Must try again after some rest.

The hardest part about bloodsploding Vorac is mob spacing. You really need to check the red dots on your radar. Going into FFYL right before you stab a midgets helps, so they temporarily stop forming a cluster. Also, chief needs to be alive:

Does the chief need to be alive for some reason other than taking the shield back? Not that it has been a problem thus far. I don’t even have a Trespasser to kill him with on Krieg.

Yes, the chief being alive usually results in longer bloodsplosion chain.