Krieg vs. Buzzards

How do you guys deal with them? I’ve had some satisfying axe kills and some fastball throws but I still struggle with them

Some points in Fuel the Fire or as you’re full Mania and bloodlust go homing corrosive grenades and smgs after a few Fuel the Blood Melee kills!

Hornet, corrosive lyuda.

Rage quit, half a pint of vodka (neat) then what the others suggested! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not connected to this but didn’t want a whole new post just for this, can Krieg not grenade jump or have I just forgotten what i’m doing? Farming Thousand Cuts and I usually grenade jump to the red chest (quicker than walking on top of the bridge) but he doesn’t seem to be making enough height.

I read somewhere that he is too damn heavy to grenade jump as far as the other characters. Never verified through experimentation myself.

Really? :smiley: that’s Krieg all over lol doing it differently to all the others!

he is the black sheep of the family!

Indeed! Read on the wiki they made him heavier so he could be more stable against melee attackers/knockback, thus more viable as a heavily melee oriented character :smile:

I honestly think he’s one of the best designed characters, maybe not quite as perfect synergy-wise as Jack in TPS but he’s pretty close. You can tell a lot more thought went into Krieg than went into Gaige, for example.

Edit: not saying Gaige is bad before I upset someone :slight_smile: just the skills really make no sense in a lot of cases.

Hm i ran Gaige till level…26 with Ordered Chaos and from what i got from her three trees it sounded fine…guess they wanted mayhem like Tiny Tina, Melee Turret is still interesting, and used Shock since it wasn’t used before…i like her chara design too and she is a monster with Jakobs shotguns on Chaos build haha ^^

Sure but hardly any of her skills actually make DT better. A couple do, but it just seems… I can’t explain. Krieg is almost perfect in how everything works with each other (ok not everything, but a lot).

BFF is quite DT oriented though :confused: but yeah i get your point. Her shock tree doesn’t apply to the bot much and Anarchy stacks only has a move speed boost for him.

Once handled Krieg’s skill can be synergized like hell lol just like how Maya’s Converge and Helios or Suspension and Elated, just on a whole new level lmao

Maya is great, and i’d happily play a whole new game with one other person, and i’d either be Maya or Krieg. I can see those two making a great team.

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Levelled up my Xbox Krieg next to my best friend as a sniping Zer0…
But with Maya the synergy is just too amazing :smile:
If she’s crippled you can instant rev her with Redeem the Soul, then she instant revs you with Res, you can directly activate RtB and butcher everything lol. We’re unstoppable.

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If you’re going for RtB chains, my best advice is to remember their flights patterns.

There are instances where they’ll do an incredibly lengthy u-turn directly at you. If they’re flying away, ignore them and concentrate on another enemy, hopefully to get some of your kill skills going, then wheel around and face the enemy, who should be coming in head on after the turn. At that moment, a straight axe through will not only hurt then, but even stun them at times.

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I always kept a corrosive gun on hand when I played krieg in a buzzard-heavy area, regardless of playstyle. Any corrosive gun with a high rate of fire or good damage should melt them rather quickly.
If you want style points, look up and start meleeing if they are directly above you. The day I learned this worked was the best day of my krieg career.

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Conference Call. Works like a dream.


Don’t have one :frowning:

Farm the Handsome Sorcerer or the Warrior for one.