Krieg vs. Buzzards

Yes he is. He also cannot “fly” to the top of the pig outside of the Happy Pig Motel nor can he reach the bridge in the Caustic Caverns via a bubble.

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At max level with all my good gear, a corrosive Butcher. If you’re still leveling up, I’d probably slag em with a Slagga and switch to a Harold or whatever I’ve got. lol

Harold projectile speed and spread is a nightmare for them though. I use a Harold for Surveyors, they seem easier to hit with it for some reason

I wait until they’re flying straight at me. If they’re slagged, it doesn’t take much to wreck them.

Not saying it’s the best method, but it’s an easy farm and does work. (for me)

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Yes I hear you, and appreciate your input. I’ve taken to just running away and waiting for them to be coming straight at me, and then giving them the heater :slight_smile:

This might help…

Bit inaccurate at range though!

My preferred weapon is a corrosive single barrel Hyperion Shotgun. Get fire rate and mag size boosts and it just spits death at anything! :smiley:

True but I was farming the spot outside for tubbies, and thought “you know what I haven’t done in forever? Farmed Mercy!” so I went and killed him once, and that dropped. :sunglasses:

What a kindly doctor he is! :smiley:

Indeed. Of all variations of a very average weapon he could have dropped, it’s probably the most useful for me because i’m short on decent corrosive stuff! Very nice of him indeed!

Corrosive Pimpernel is a good anti-buzzard weapon as well, basically anything corrosive with fast projectile speed.

My preferred weapon for anyone vs. buzzards is the Hornet, with an honorable mention to the Hammer Buster.

I love infinity pistols!!! I use them on Maya, Krieg and Zero. Congrats on getting that malpractice doctor to drop one.

Corrosive kitten. Other guns might down them faster but kittens keep you healed if something goes wrong. And a badass one can tear you up fast without some heals.



I second and third the CC. No single gun is as good on Krieg for surveyors. In fact, that goes for all my characters ( except Gaige ).

I’ve just finished the Tiny Tina DLC story with my Salvador at 72, did I read correct that the Handsome Sorcerer drops the CC? Just seems a much better place to farm than the Warrior.

Affirmative. Although I’m split on which is more efficient. It’s much faster to get to HS but I find the Warrior faster to kill.

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As Hellborn any gun good with flying targets works.

Melee you are generally going to be dealing with buzzards between rampages so unless you are a sniper with the thrown axe something efficient like a corrosive hyperion shotgun or a vladof sniper would be best.

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Fun fact: if an enemy is directly above you, a melee attack will hit it regardless of distance. I kid you not. This can make for some ridiculous kills. Although running around throwing buzz axes while screaming maniacally in and out of character is certainly more interesting.