Krieg vs. Hyperius?

So…how do? I don’t want to rely on getting a kill skill, since that doesn’t allow for multiple chain kills. How would we go about this fight?

Wanting to Melee him mate? Am I assuming it is at 72, or an OP level?

Mm…whatever works best.

I am currently on OP0, but I want to use the killing method best suited for OP8. I’ve learned that OP0 raids are really not as challenging as I thought they were when compared to the highest difficulty. XD

I like guns, but if melee is viable at both OP0 and OP8 I’ll do that.

Melee is very viable @ OP 0, but not OP 8. For 72, use a quasar or other singularity grenades to gather all of his loaders together and shoot at them until you get low enough to RtB. Start meleeing until you go into FFLY, then pull our your rapier and stab him in the knee a few times until your timer is about half-done. When it is, switch to a loader to get your second wind. Rinse and repeat until he’s dead. By the way, Krieg’s ax, both swung and thrown, will pierce through Hyp’s shield. For equipment you’ll want a good roid shield, a blue scream sickle mod with +6 StV, +5 EtR and has high melee damage as you can get, as well as a might of the seraphs relic. Outside of the rapier, the guns don’t really matter, but a fire and a corrosive one will work wonders.

In OP 8, you’ll need to severely reduce both Hyp’s and his robots’ health before you start the FFYL meleeling because you won’t be able to get a SW off of the loaders otherwise.

OK, so what if I did not want to use melee? It just seems really unreliable, especially since my FFYL timer (for some mysterious reason, been plaguing me since I started this character) is EXTREMELY short all the time. How would I go about killing him with guns?

Do you have redeem the soul specced? If not, that could be part of your problem. Check the TT thread for suggestions.

Even if I play solo? Is Krieg’s FFYL timer just naturally shorter that I need that skill?

It’s not shorter, but the 50% extra time is nothing to sneeze at.

If you really want a go at Hyp with guns, go with a hellborn/bloodlust build, a Leg. Torch/Toast COM, a Bone of the Ancients in either or corrosive (Hyp’s vulnerable to fire), and a corrosive singularity unless you have a Quasar. What you do is get all of his bots so they’re in cooldown mode, pound on Hyp with your fire weapon, then switch back to the bots when he gets his shield back. Grouping them together will help your Bloodsplosion damage Hyp as well. I’d also use a Flame of the Firehawk because Hyp can still be damaged while his shield is up, it’s just reduced.

The “Stab in the Knee” is unreliable at first, but with some training unless you got unlucky with StV you can reach some very good results.

Best tip i could give : circle Hyperius when you are in RtB. He must turn to hit you, giving you more time to hit him, lowering his health more thus putting less pressure on killing loaders (i usualy need 3 loaders to finish the fight).

You can easily melds him, even in op8

I have a question about Krieg vs Hyperius… I’ve been trying to take him out with a Hellborn/Bloodlust build. As I don’t have the Norfleet haven’t really used the singularity spam rocket-launcher method, instead I just use a Bee-shield and a plasma caster to take out every bot and then trying to kill Hyp… Before I kill the last bot (when his health is low) I switch to FOTF, and make sure it’s 100% charged. But even then, when I kill the bot and Hyo takes my shield with his novas, the FOTF-novas won’t start, making healing a problem…

If the nova was charged(aka there was the fiery effect around the shield bar)

Unless you have such a short shield regen timer that FotF started recharging before the flames started

I have no idea why the nova wouldnt proc

No I mean, he takes my shield and a portion of my health with his two novas, and there aren’t 6 seconds (my estimated recharge delay) in between those novas, so I don’t understand…

God I suck at this… I’ve been trying at Hyperius and the Dragons loads of times, but I just die and die and die… Does anyone play on Xbox One?

There are a few of us on XBone. Don’t worry, though. The process of learning the raids is frequently painful early on. They feel impossible to beat. It’s frustrating failing repeatedly when videos make it seem so easy.

…and then you get it.

Soon after that, you’re going, “I can do this faster.”

Your thrown melee axe penetrates his shield. Admiral Bahroo made a great video explaining everything. I know not everybody like Bahroo, but this tecnique is just awesome. Joltzdudes method needs way too much setup!

joltz method?? you mean the one with the fuel the blood and the fast chucking of baby maker/plasma casters?? i tried it and it was effective but i see what you mean a fire baby maker with mag size accesory and a fire bone of the ancient or a tediore allegiance relic and a diesel blister com are a few of the requirements of his method but when done properly you can kill hyperius in less than 10 seconds