Krieg vs. Master Gee?

Flying through the raids at this point.

  1. Is it just me, or does Blood Bath NEVER proc? I have killed worms with my FotFH nova, with the DPUH, with the Omen, but that glorious icon never appears. Is it impossible to activate here or something?

  2. On another note, are the worms’ hitboxes transparent or something? I tried getting a second wind by throwing my Baby Makers at one, but they just…went through them. I have had similar issues with throwing any sort of grenade at them–they just pass right through.

  3. Since BB doesn’t proc (at least, I think it doesn’t), should I stick with a Legendary Torch or Toast COM for this fight instead of the Reaper?

  4. Any other general tips for fighting him? Is it too risky to take the pools for myself?

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Hellborn + FotFH + Ruby/Grog and you’ll never die.
Kind of cheap through…
The kill will take some time but if you slag the worms it will go faster.

You can take the pool yourself, but you must be careful to not reach a point where the dot is greater than your healing.

If Mania build, similar, you can toss your axes in his face for good results. You can also take some pools, but you must be careful so the dot do not reach a point where you can not make RtB cycles (also as the worms grow in number, their damage add-up).

Before the fight, check that Master Gee’s Ahab has a Torgue exaust (enter & exit the arena until you got it). Will make the projectiles extremly slow so they can be dodged easly.

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just put on a flame of the firehawk and hold a grog nozzle and you will win

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I’d recommend against taking a pool yourself if you’re using Flame of the Firehawk. If he does manage to put you down, you’ll never get your shield novas going again, even if you manage the second wind. I saw a guy attempt this once in a group kill, saying it would guarantee his novas kept going, and he still went down.

In addition to Grog Nozzle and Rubi, you might consider some other fire based Moxxi weapons. You’ll be doing so much damage that they’ll all heal you sufficiently. Good Touch, Kitten, Hail, Slow Hand and Heart Breaker would all be useful for faster worm killing. If you don’t have them, any good fire weapon will do, just be ready to switch back to Grog/Rubi if you take damage.

Also, it helps to have a spell grenade in that fight, no matter what character you’re playing. Even if you don’t use it as a primary, when you start to run low, it can help to switch to it to let the grenades replenish for a bit.

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Ahh the “Burns so Good” build.

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