Krieg vs Pete using Bloodsplosion

Why do I get minimal rewards (Seraph Crystals, Eridium, Gear) when I kill Pete with Bloodsplosion? Any other character I get way more gear/crystals. I don’t get it.

maybe pete is just stingy, i dont know, but from what i can tell, after just a quick look at kriegs skill tree, bloodsplosion has no effect whatsoever on what you get loot wise

i do know that when killing the dragons in tiny tina’s dlc, you get a ton of eridium and seraph crystals, from my personal experience, you usually get between 8-12 seraph crystals from pete in UVHM, a few eridium and some decent drops, hes prolly the easiest raid boss which is prolly why he doesnt drop a huge amount of stuff

edit… aside from the seraph crystals you get by killing pete, you’re prolly better off farming the Loot Train from marcus mercenary dlc