Krieg vs. Terra?

  1. Which gun is better to deal the damage, the Conference Call or the Interfacer?

  2. How do we heal in this fight? I’m using a Rubi with the FotFH, but it isn’t a guaranteed health gate.

Interfacer does more damage if you can get the sweetspot.

As for healing, any Moxxi weapon will do, since your doing so much damage. When I killed Terra I just used a Hail and a HeartBreaker with the FotFH and you’ll survive. That was at 61 though, not sure how it would work at 72/OP8.

It’s pretty much the same thing on op8 but you need to proc BB off of the tentacles constantly. I would recommend a baby maker or rocket to get the proc then use either a flaker, CC, or interfacer for heavy damage or kitten, hail, or heartbreaker for safe damage. I would always mix it up depending how many tentacles were left and what stage terry was on.

A pretty common trick I have to use with Zero: Combo Rubi with a gun that does a lot of damage and has a slow projectile (EX: Harold). Fire it, swap to Rubi before it hits. Instant heal!

So, I saw this thread, figured better to just ask here rather than starting a new thread. I’ve just tried taking on Terra as Krieg, and things did not go so well. I tried a Legendary Torch and Reaper COMs, not sure which is really better. And I was using the Kitten and the Heart Breaker, though both only doing so so damage. What skills should I be using for this battle? And are there any particularly good weapons I should go for over the aforementioned ones?

I recommend a legendary reaper mod for the extra kill skill duration and 5 points into bloodbath. The guns I used was a fire baby maker to proc BB off the tentacles and a CC or interfacer for high damage. (Flakker for fire stage) The shield you will want is a firehawk or RR and you will also want some sort of slag grenade such as a Betty or o negative/ stormfronts to heal with rubi or grog.

Not even sure I have a Baby Maker. Haven’t used one since they gave us UVHM. Guess I’ll see if my Carnage is good for BB, and give it another shot.

Edit: Grrr. I do have a Baby Maker, corrosive element, but I was sucking at tossing it. Carnage was doing nothing to those tentacles. And even getting myself a second wind with my Badaboom didn’t seem to proc BB. I have no idea how a rocket launcher can not set that skill off.