Krieg where will his stroy go

So we know because of some echo logs hes closer some what to getting a hold on his mind .But seem for now only when by his self.
So once hes out and finds out maya’s death how are things going to go from there.I have a few idea’s where things good go as long as they dont just up and drop him in some stupid way story wise.His story if done right could have a huge impact.

First idea This 100% breaks him and with the twins allready dead no other place to vent his anger and hate he blames the vault hunters for just standing there and doing nothing to save her .The 2 halfs of his identity merge in a broken way.He gains back to being able to talk normalish with others but endless blood lust of the psycho.

This could be done in a dlc (or bl4)and would be epic i think.And in it we uncover even more of just who he was and the path after his mind was broke and his thoughts on after maya’s death.Also could be used to be a both kreig and maya dlc.
A tragic love tale that fell in to madness with krieg being the final boss could be played out really good with u or him after the fight in a cutscene going to kill the other one and something with maya plays a huge part here in some way a echo log her dairy or some form of her spirt forms to snap him back to being sane where hes forced to face her death.(Huge feels )

#2He finds out of her death this snaps his mind free knows the vault hunters could do nothing .joins the vh’s in bl4 or dlc to help end the endless point less deaths around the vaults that are a cause of everything .Enter the great war of bl4 or dlc .
His first tie in could even be in a cutscene where he saves ava .she does hold mayas powers so i do think he will be doing any thing to keep her safe with being one of the last things to remind him of maya.Hes added to the main cast of npc’s.

Krieg has such a great story that could be added if done right so plz gearbox make it a good one

So this is just 2 ideas of mine where things could go and i do hope hes story is done in a good way and not just left to rot or end in a few echologs with no meaning or impact

So what are your guys idea on where his story will go


Not sure “Saw a pretty lady and decided to follow her and murder legions of bandits and corporate soldiers giving him something solid to focus his mind on” really counts as a love tale. They literally have only shared like, two lines of dialogue as far as we are aware.

Personally, I feel fairly confident that he will appear again. Probably not in person, but possibly through the ECHO as an “off-camera” NPC. He might be added to a DLC area and wander around occasionally screaming something about blood then grumbling at himself. Might be a quest giver. That’s probably what they’ll do for many of the other VHs that weren’t a part of this story.

I’d love to see Gaige all grown up with an improved Deathtrap doing something cool on Promethea. Maybe something with an indoor lab map in a skyscraper… and I’m TOTALLY not just saying that because I want a map where we can go up and down in one of those giant buildings in the Promethea background. Totally DON’T want a map where you can fight through an office/lab building… nope… (cough) okay yea I really do want that please give me that.


Krieg was SUCH a personal and fan favourite.

Failure to heavily include him in at least one future DLC would be, in my opinion, tragic.


Fair point.

No proof for or against that so given how it is completely a fan-created theory without any canonical support I’m personally going to say I don’t think that is the case. We’ve even had them share the screen at times with no indication they know each other at all.

He is talking to his Psycho side. “Shared custody”, in the context of that particular ECHO recording, clearly means control over his own body. I’ve heard it and I’m not sure how one could connect that to anything else let alone Tina.


He is talking to his Psycho side. “Shared custody”, in the context of that particular ECHO recording, clearly means control over his own body. …

Do you remember the Mission in Atlas with the Ratchs?
What if Krieg was a “participant of this experimental technology”. It would be perfectly discribe his situation.

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well for him it was love at first sight i think he even said that to him self in bl2 opening for his play amoung other things.

Also the echo logs of his in bl3 maya the way she talks to him in them its not hard to pick up that she cares for him as well.
And the fact she said she would be back also probly ment that she was with him from the point of bl2 end till the echolog .

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And him being tinas father is probly not true in any way the fact that theres even a echo log of him and tina where she whats to go to a party so she whats to learn to speak more like a psycho and tris to learn from him.
There was nothing from him really he didnt try to tell her anything or hug her or get worked up.

The her is id say 100% maya.

Krieg talks about “her” through Borderlands 2 as well, so I don’t think it refers to Maya.

I never found that. I will once again state that hidden audio logs are bad storytelling devices.

The thing about a Maya/Krieg love story is that Maya doesn’t even know what Krieg is really like. She’s only ever known him as a psycho, so to frame a love story between them as anything but one-sided is kind of weird to me.


I always did kind of wonder why they arbitrarily chose the Krieg / Maya connection.

This is the echo log:

Yet, they’re used, and it seems like a means to explain what has happened in the last seven years between the vault hunters. Like it or not, this is the lore being established in-between said times.

Gonna have to agree, which makes this echo all the more tragic. If Maya is the “her” Krieg is referring to, it means he spent all this time trying to gain back his sanity. To show Maya the man underneath the monster. He spent all this time trying to get better, now all pretty much for nothing. Which does worry me if he ever does return. This tragedy could cause him to relapse. The woman he fought so hard to regain his sanity and be with is now dead. He’ll either accept this, move on, and likely never love again. Or it causes him to lose what’s left of his sanity. I do think you’re right, I think it was one-sided, it doesn’t change how Krieg felt about her. If Maya was indeed his motivation, you know it’ll hurt him having fought this hard, only to end up losing the one he fought to be with.


If someone is wondering how Krieg might react to Maya’s death, here are two suggestions (pro tip, put your speakers on max volume, if your ears aren’t bleeding till the end of either video, your doing something wrong).



I know. Fit’s his character perfectly. I play Krieg with “Raining Blood” in the background, DOOM’s “Rip & Tear” also work’s or anything by Cannibal Corpse.

his comment about shared custody could be about him and his psycho side working together. however i strongly believe that he’s either talking about tina or tina’s mom who’s name was grace.

Cannibal Corpse and Slipknot, in a forum thread discusing Krieg? F*****G AWESOME!!! :metal:

The way it will go down in the DLC.

Krieg is a normal guy now. The VH’s find him on a planet wearing a suit and tie(ripped up, but looks nice). He is a the CEO of Bandit manufacturing now. The VH’s help Bandit take over back the Bandit factory from Tediore suicidal robots that are overwhelming the factory. Through the DLC he learns of what happened to Maya. He slowly starts to go insane and you see him regress(or progress, you choose) into his former beast self. He starts to learn more about Ava and her involvement. We also learn that Ava had the Crimson Raiders backing Tediore and Tannis had been (phase)locked up in her lab by Ava with no way of being able to phaseshift. The VHs board Sanctuary /// and find Ava mad with rage, the same rage Krieg had always fought, but could control. Ava could not control it and becomes a super psycho siren! Ava turns out to be Krieg and Mayas daughter and Krieg knows that he must join the VHs in taking her out. With Ava distracted, Tannis tries to phaseshift what she can to help the VHs fight Ava. Eventually Krieg rushes Ava into an air lock and Tannis ejects them into space. As Ava tries desperately to no succumb to space, Krieg forces her to. Cuddling his once mad daughter tightly and both turn normal again as they start to die from lack of oxygen. As we see the siren powers leave Ava we know they are both dead. End DLC with Maya, Krieg, and Ava hugging in an eridium field or something like that. Fin.


The horror would be if they were to make Ava just a replacement for Maya in Krieg’s view. Krieg loved Maya for being nice and beautiful to him, not because she was a Siren.

But of course, anything that results in Ava’s death is also acceptable.


I fully expect them to explore Krieg more at some point. The ECHO logs in Konrad’s Hold are one of the most memorable for me in the game (mainly because it’s more character development than Krieg received in BL2 in total), but that might also because the side-missions there are also thoroughly enjoyable (Wildlife Conservation, even though it doesn’t start or end there, as well as Childhood’s End and of course Demon in the Dark).

The question will be if he turns up in one of the already-known DLC, or if Gearbox’s plans extend beyond that. I’m personally hoping so, given the whole war that was foretold story hook from the end of TPS.

Big yikes.

This is the kind of comment that reinforces my opinion that as much as consumers can criticise a product (and criticise it well), there’s often a gap between that and coming up with a suitable replacement (or extension, in this case).

i.e. if that’s one of your motivators for writing a story for Borderlands, it makes you just as flawed in the same way you’ve often criticised the writing in BL3 as being.

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I thought of this as well before the first DLC was released. He was barely able to point his gun at the correct bad guy and in his BL2 intro he almost seemed resigned to the fact that Maya would/could kill him. She showed him mercy and gave him guidance, she was his blue angel, and crushed like a moth.

If he was rational / crazy (hard to explain, I think the term is “dissociative break”) he could displace his anger on Ava once he learns the truth and tries to hunt her down, because Maya died trying to save Ava. Which would lead us in the DLC to save her. But I think Krieg is to far gone, even for this option.

I like your point of Ava having the same powers of Maya, or at least shaped by her influence and Krieg could easily confuse the two. In his bloodlust he may kidnap her thinking that he is saving her, even his inner monologue would justify this action showing that he is hurting. This would lead into another questline like Bunkers and Badasses with the acceptance of death in stages. Or perhaps Donkey Kong esq where each time we raid a location thinking we would finally save Ava and Krieg swoops in and takes her to the next level until the cult comes back for revenge.

Oh that is funny. I picture the Chris Farley bit of “Fat guy in a little coat”