Krieger's OP8 raiding build


I feel we are in lack of a raiding build. Mine, for raiding, sucks. Not bloodsploding the enemies.
So we can gather all the knowledge we have on K and create one. Do you like the idea guys?

Do you mean raiding as in raid boss killing?


melee MeLEe MELEE!!!

@Gulfwulf @Maveco @Giuvito @BookEmDano

Give you a shout guys. We can make this nice hehehe

Maybe against Hyperius and on OP0 or the lower difficulties but the other raid bosses are not exactly punching bags.

Um, bloodsplosion? Hyperius is the hardest of all to kill with melee Krieg.

Melee Krieg bypasses Hyperius’ shield and a Hyperion grenade, Quasar especially, can drag the loaders close to Hyperius so you can melee them for second winds. I have done it plenty of times before the second level cap and have done it a few times in OP0. In the overpower levels though I cannot say anything concerning melee.

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I’ve done it too, don’t worry, BUT OP3+ it gets very boring going down literally every second. It can be done in OP8 tho, but I don’t like playing that way.


+Rough Rider/Roid shield(really doesn’t matter.)
+Low level slag Bouncing Betty
+Explosive dmg. relic

Throw down a few Betties, spawn spiderants straight away, quickly move to rats, spawn them, throw down more Betties, quickly kill a rat, watch the magic happen.



Wait until he spawns his minions, so try staying alive in the meantime.
Gear(first stage):

  • DPUH
  • Grog or any other good Moxxi weapon, preferably a rubi
  • Rough rider
  • Explosive relic
  • Diesel Sickle
  • Slag Singularity
    To instantly heal simple shoot DPUH and switch to a Moxxi weapon

Once they spawn, put on

  • Good roid shield.
  • Rapier
    Throw singularities to drag all enemies close to Vora
    Then switch to a
  • Low-level Slag betty
    and slag everything. Melee the weakest enemy, and hope to god Vora doesn’t jump away.

Why preferably a Rubi? Is that just personal preference?

Grog has a higher heal percentage than Rubi, so unless it’s personal then I can’t see any reason not to use the Grog.

Grog is WAY better because it makes you drunk, I mean rubi is better than any other moxxi, because it is quicker to swap to, as it is a pistol. But obviously grog is better than rubi, but if you don’t own a grog, then get a rubi.

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@xmngr I’m not very fond of raiding, even less with the Psycho due to how focused he is with kill-skills wich is something you might not have easily avaliable during raids or that requires you to constantly compete with teammates.

If I were to suggest something for raiding outside of Bloodsplosion-chaining it would be a gun-focused build centered around either bloodlust, hellborn or maybe both. For the gear you could guess them from krieg’s top-gear thread: weapons with splash for more damage out of bloodbath, elemental stacking for healing and to trigger hellborn’s bonuses, classmods such as a fleshy crunch, leg reaper, leg torch or power toast. (me aways switching toast and torch coms…)

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I didn’t know that man, the swap thingy.

Yeah, Rubi is easier to get I suppose, as it’s a non-DLC weapon. And the drunk effect does get annoying in tense firefights.

I don’t raid much for the reasons Maveco posted. Anyway, @DankRafft posted some good raiding builds for Krieg, but they’re all for OP 0. You can do the stabbing Hyp in the leg on OP 0, but I wouldn’t recommend it on OP 8 unless you can get his health down first.

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The drunk effect is actually good, as it makes sure Vora doesn’t jump away from the DPUH projectiles, but the screen tilting is annoying.
Also the swap speed is highest on Launchers with the swapper’s prefix, higher than even pistols I think.

The quickest way to kill Hyperius as Krieg is by using the Avenger reload build, BUT it is EXTREMELY difficult to do, and good luck finding a good Avenger.

Terramorphous > Bloodsplode.
Vermivorous > Bloodsplode/Reaper.
Hyperius > Gunerang/Avenger Reload.
Master Gee > Rock.
Pyro Pete > Bloodsplode.
Voracidous > Bloodsplode.
Dexidous > Eject/Delete Local Content for Borderlands 2.
Ancient Dragons > Bloodsplode/Reaper.
Crawmerax > Reaper.

They are the basics of what most people do for those raid bosses.

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Doesn’t this requires knockback melee attacks such as Sal’s Fistful of Hurt or Zer0’s Execute?

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No, the gate scares Master Gee and he explodes like a MIRV grenade.

Nope, you’re correct, I’ll change it to something even cheaper.