Krieg's Fabulous OP adventure!

Hello people !

After a few farming stories, i am in the mood of tackling OP levels…
I will make a report of my progress here, feel free to add your input !

Build : Mania/Bloodlust
Gear (Lvl 72) :
Rough Rider
Legendary Sickle
Storm Front
Blood of the Ancients (pistol + SMG)
Florentine (Impetuous)
Big Badaboom
Corrosive Butcher (thanks Pyro Pete !)

OP0 : was easy, not even got down once. Next.

OP1 : got down twice because of StV chains while beeing attacked by two rabbid skags at the same time. It hurts. Hopefully a few Strip the flesh boosted Badaboom shots were enought to make me stand again !

OP2 : got a few problems on this level.
DPUH start to feel weak. Badaboom scratches Spiderants.
I sometimes have the impression that i am one-shot by ennemies (must be two really close hits, but quite frustrating). Need more health…
Spawns can screw me badly (2 Armored Slag Spiderants + 2 Rabbid Skags + 2 Surveyors = RRREEESSSPPAAAWWWNNNN).
Spider Tanks (the one with the multi shock balls can down me instantly if i am not careful)
Got my behind kicked hard by Assassin Roof once.
My aim is very bad, so surveyors start to be annoying…
Succedded after 6 runs.

OP3 : things are starting to be hard. My guns seems to not do much damage.
Hopefully Krieg’s main weapon is melee, which scales not too badly.
Feel like i am lack health, behing healthgated very fast.
Surveyor’s shields start to be very annoying.
I fear that i might have to farm for new guns and shield and grenade… But it took me weeks to get them (especially the Badaboom…).
I do not like it, i reach lvl 72 with lvl 61 gear with no problems in the past…
Got an nice OP3 Corrosive Conference Call from the Handsome Sorcerer last night, yay !
(Bloodsplosion FTW).
Trying to get my hands on a Chain Lightning. Hope it will help me to take care of Surveyor’s shields then finish them with the Conference Call !

That corrosive butcher was a nice find.

It’ll really help once the Tanks begin spawning like the rusted hell-arthropods that they are.

For your RR, you’ll want one that looks like this because it provides the most health:

For the Harold, get one with a Torgue grip. You’ll likely need to refarm/rebuy it and the RR every few levels because weapons and gear don’t last as long in the OP levels as they do in the non-OP levels due to increased damage resistance and health regen. The only exception is your class mod because higher ones will just give you a small increase in the melee bonus. The RR is pretty easy to farm: I’ve gotten one about every 4-5 times I’ve hit the Bulwark and Torgue weaponry is very easy to farm: just do the bar room brawl @ level 50 and walk over everything; you should get ~ 30 tokens each time you do that.

I was going to mention getting rid of Thrill of the Kill, but in the OP levels, it’s sometimes the only thing that’ll keep you alive long enough to do a RtB. I play alongside a healing Maya and can usually time my RtB properly despite the healing, so it’s not as big of a deal in the OP levels as it is in the non ones.

Thanks guys !

I am familiar with the manufacturer parts, i spent quite some time lurking on the part spotting guides…
I do not even need a guide for weapons anymore…
For shields i have a few references (Maliwan style is quite recognizable), plus i use Zoo’s max stats gear list (and my manually calculated RR Max bonus health formula : Health=55.28*1.13^lvl) to know if i got a good one or not… Too bad the Bulwark do not like me…
That i have to refarm my shield, DPUH and maybe Badaboom is breaking my heart trough…
So much time to get good ones, and they are now obsolete after a few hours !

For the RR, it’s Maliwan, Maliwan, Hyperion for the max health. :smile:

What platform are you on? On the PC, I’ve had pretty good luck with the Bulwark in getting a new RR.

I mainly only use RL for SW, so getting a Nukem might be a good alternative since you can also find those in Torgue vending machines.

If your SF isn’t working very well, or if you’re having problems killing enemies, grab a low level slag bouncing betty/biddy instead. A longbow with a 0.0 fuse time is your best bet. I was never very impressed with the Florentine in Krieg’s hands, so I go with a Casual Carnage instead. As long as you don’t aim at your feet or at nearby enemies, you’re golden. Plus it can process BB. :see_no_evil:

Forgot to add: the Doctor’s Orders LLMs seem to love dropping eridium relics, so they’re a good place to farm for those. I generally get at least two whenever I do that particular run. Plus, if you have the Creature Slaughter Dome, you can alway pop in there after a run, quit, and start back there when you’re ready to run again. :wink: