Krieg's Grave. Speculation. Did he finally silence the voices?

North end of Carnivora near the Typhoon log, a shipping container off map. Inside the container is a large letter “K” and a small circle of stone.

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well, we know through the logs that after he got his revenge on the hyperion dicks who did that to him, he was gonna work on himself. Said he hid himself away to silence his other half and try to be normal again so that one day he can show Maya. idk if there was a last entry cause i believe only found 3. and well, we know how the story goes.

i dont think i saw this K, but could also be a play on the cereal Circle K

If somebody would like to confirm they have been inside that container it’d be rad. Here’s how it went for me;

I found all Krieg’s logs then found the isolated “grave” I got the impression that at Carnivora is where Krieg’s story comes full circle. He said he’d work on himself, perhaps he sat in that container a long while and outer Krieg was still apparent and this stage of the game the news of Maya’s death would have reached him.

There’s a hidden little K area near the beginning of the game in the little base at the start of The Droughts, too. I never associated it with Krieg, though.

My only things to associate the two occurrences at Carnivora is you get Krieg’s final log and there’s a hide out north of Carnivora, Promethea situation is being broadcast by the COV in that area as well - LOUD AS telling the news.

Its arguably a long shot. Waiting for more people to see they have seen the container tho