Krieg's Head Styles

Hey everyone,

I was curious if I am able to get the “REACH FOR THE SKIS” head style for Krieg on The Handsome Collection. If anyone knows how I can get it, I would love it.

That’s the Community Day Head. It got added in as rare world drops by hotfix, which was made permanentl in the recent update. So any suitable source of heads and skins (LLMs, Tubbies/Chubbies, badasses, bosses, etc.) has a chance to drop it, along with all the others.

@VaultHunter101 hit it on the head.

Also, considering that many people have already unlocked it, and are aware of the rarity, it wouldn’t be crazy to think it may be available on the Trade section in the near future. I’d keep an eye out there as well, if you’re in a rush to unlock it.

Happy Hunting.

Thank you both! @Giuvito

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