Krieg's Melee Formula/Calculation

This was found by @IdlePhantom hidden as a screenshot of the old forum original post. The actual original link is dead.

This appears to be the Krieg melee calculation. I thought you might want to put it in your Community guide since people continue to misrepresent how it works ( so did I, briefly… )

My testing this evening has revealed Krieg’s damage equation for melee strikes.

Krieg has the same base melee damage as all other vault hunters. It follows this equation :

Base = 20 * 1.13^Level

Krieg gets a percentage melee damage bonus based on his level. It follows this equation :

KriegBonus = ( 1.6% * Level ) -20%

It reaches 50% at level 44. At 61, it’s 77.6%. This bonus doesn’t apply when using a weapon with a bayonet. It works differently than a bayonet however, as it’s applied to his Base Melee BEFORE roid is taken into account. The same is true for Buzzaxe Rampage.

If no bayonet while not in Buzzaxe Rampage :

(( Base * (1 + KriegBonus)) + Roid ) * ( 1 + sum of melee bonuses from skills )

With bayonet while not in Buzzaxe Rampage :

( Base + Roid ) * ( 1 + Bayonet ) * ( 1 + sum of melee bonuses from skills )

Buzzaxe Rampage ( bayoneted weapons are unequipped so don’t factor in at all ) :

(( Base * 5 * ( 1+ KriegBonus )) + Roid ) * ( 1 + sum of melee bonuses from skills )

Release the Beast’s melee damage bonus is added to the other melee bonuses you might have ( sum of melee bonuses from skills ), rather than to the bonus from Buzzaxe Rampage ; which means it applies to Roid damage while the base Buzzaxe Rampage and Krieg’s scaling bonus don’t. That makes that skill all the more appealing, don’t you think?

I didn’t find any quirky examples like Backstab or Ambush for Krieg. All of his bonuses are added together and then applied.

Thrown axe damage is roughly 60% of the damage you would be doing with a melee strike.

Ed : @Singlestone kindly provided a calculator



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This was spurred on by a post by @GiffMagic , who posted this video and which I think is noteworthy :


Many thanks for making this a post! I’ve had to dig much of this out from old forum screenshots in the past… bookmarked!


Yay now I can stop being ignorant lol


A simple spreadsheet for this is here.

Edit 1: Improved the spreadsheet format a bit.
Edit 2: Corrected the comment about which cells to fill in.


Is it possible for melee Krieg to use the rapier since he can be a melee character like zero?

He can, but his ax while rampaging is considered its own weapon, so you won’t get the 200% bonus melee damage while using his action skill.

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True, but with all the skill points that do boost melee damage, those should work with any other melee weapon?

It is, but there’s no reason i can think of to use it over buzzaxe rampage(which gives more bonus than the rapier anyways). Well if you want to use it before you pick up Release the beast at lvl 31


There’s a point (level 61 or so) that his base melee damage becomes less if using a regular bladed weapon than using his axe (this is outside of BXR). So to answer your question : the only other weapon to consider would be the Law.

Otherwise as Pie said, BXR will do more damage. There are lots of uses for the Rapier - but I’d definitely be using a roid shield. A common one is raids like Pete where you’re triggering Bloodsplosion with it (as you might well be in FFYL and don’t have BXR’s damage).


Like the others said, BXR is better than just going straight melee because it gives Krieg a 500% melee bonus and roid shields will add to that like they do regular melee attacks. Sure you can use the Rapier, but there’s no real reason to like there is with Zer0 and Sal.


I think there is a rapier + roid build somewhere on the forums but I couldn’t find the link to it. The build was based around a high bloodsplosion damage but it wasn’t very easy to use because, unlike Zer0, Krieg lacks the means to avoid being damaged whilst approaching enemies, namely: Decepti0n.

ps.: Given how Krieg’s melee is calculated, his “unarmed” melee surpasses his melee damage when using weapons with blade attachments (including both law and rapier) at some level. The level it happens varies based on both the blade’s melee modifier and the ammount of roid damage (referencing another post of mine here).


I’ve got a strictly Hide/Rapier Krieg but had to cap it at OP3 since he’s running with StV. It completely eschews RtB except as an emergency.

I haven’t run a non-StV OP8 Hide/Rapier build so don’t know how viable it is.

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It’s probably just as underwhelming as it sounds; not enough damage to compensate the lack of survivability.


Only purpose of running non-StV Roid Krieg is to proc Fuel the Blood and proceed to Fastball nuking.


Yeah, but, I was doing it just to do it :crazy_face:


@Jefe question: in which calculation is the OP level added to what we call “level” in the formulas?

I hope I understand your question correctly. Apologies if I didn’t.

OP level is just added to cap. So OP1 is level 81, OP10 is level 90.

The entire game operates on that basis (except character health, which remains at OP0).