Krieg's Rants Need To Be Fixed

Okay, seriously. Krieg really needs to get his Raving Retribution rants back. He’s just too silent without them. Is there any chance at all that this could happen?

I would love them back, but there should also be an option to mute the ravings specific to Raving Retribution, so you can listen to his regular dialogue instead.

@Gravedigger1 Remember that much hyped and talked about final patch for BL2 that was in the works for a year? This was one of those hoped for fixes that a lot of Krieg players wanted in a final patch. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed.

Damn. That’s sad.
Don’t like the idea of a muted Krieg. He’s the only one who doesn’t have lines for the voice modulator and doesn’t have a personal ECHO.

Oh man, this is going to be a fun never ending thread.

Yep. But hopefully this one won’t last as long as the other one has. Speaking of which, isn’t it time for a bump of the old thread?

Just imagine Raving Retribution in the Jack Voice Mod. Because who doesn’t want to listen to handsome jack screaming about meat for hours?


No. Just no. And let’s let this thread die for good, m’kay? Krieg’s rants aren’t coming back, ever.

This makes me a sad panda.

Does anyone think there’s a chance we’ll get a final patch for all platforms once the handsome collection comes out?

No chance in Hellborn.

It’d be nice, but seeing as we haven’t had one since last June, I highly doubt it. :frowning:

I would like his quotes back as well…

would really make my month to hear him rant again

Why were his rants removed?

Becasue some people complained that K “speaked too much”. Gaige is worse.

Rants won’t be back.

What, you guys don’t have them?

I run Hellborn K and he’s silent as a dead body.

No, RavRetribution rants are as dead as a burnt bandit

Here I am with no internet connection and GotY, no Krieg voice patch.

Couldn’t imagine him without his raves. His attitude is my favorite thing about him, don’t know how people could dislike it. But really it would’ve made more sense to just give an option to mute rather get rid of them altogether. They spent money on those voice tracks.


I am so jealous of your ranting Krieg. That’s actually upsetting. If his RR rants were still in the game, I would definitely have given Hellborn Krieg a chance instead of going purely melee