Kriegs role predictions?

What do you guys predict his role will be?

It’s not even certainty that he’ll be around, but if anything he’d probably be a cameo. It’s not like he has the faculties to be a quest giver.

It’d be kinda stupid if he didn’t return sincr like the watcher said “You’ll need all the vault hunters you can get”

Too many vault hunters would make for a really weird game, like trying to give enough attention to 12+ characters

Raid boss pls


Krieg will be the psychos’ true messiah, not the calypso twins.


There will be a Krieg + Maya quest series as well as one or two stand alone Krieg quests.


100% wishful thinking.

Maybe he’ll lead his own bandit clan, against the children of the vault. That one last clan that refuses to join them. lol

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He could just be the resident nutcase they let out when stuff needs to get broken or killed… >.>

If he is in the game, I hope he and Maya are happy together, and we get to see him in a domestic role. In a kitchen, cooking a cake, while holding their kid, but in a funny, messed up way. And the kid needs to have a tiny psycho mask! :rofl:

ooh! and we get to hear the kid say Poop Train! This idea is far too amusing to me

This would be a good way of doing it, so long as it’s not a copy/paste of what they did with Brick.

There’s no telling if he’ll even be in Borderlands 3. If he is however, my guess is he’s probably just going to be seen conducting a poop train.

I can’t begin to guess at what gearbox has in store for krieg, but I really hope he ends up being a quest giver at some point.
I just imagine krieg shouting nonsensical directions at me over the echo for a mission, repeatedly leading me to absurd places and into fights


I want this so bad now I’m gonna be utterly crushed by disappointment if it isn’t in the game.