Krux's Homeworld Space Brawl Tournament

Raising awareness and insanity. Krux is hosting a 1v1 single elimination tournament for Homeworld multiplayer beta for us to 32 players via the Challonge site. Take part, have some fun and try not to kamikaze your way to wins. :hankey:
Signup Page


Do you have a way to contact Krux?

Not immediately, however you can send a PM to him (or whom we presume is him) on the Challonge website. The organizer of the event, entropy
Just click on his name on the tournament page, prominently displayed in the upper left as the organizer and I am sure he’ll get it swiftly.

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Le Bump for moar people to join!

I signed up. Looks like we’ve got a dozen people so far. =)

Revenge! ^^

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Is there any other way to contact the administration of this tournament?

I imagine you could get a message to Krux via his account where he streams. Kruxxen_

Le Bump

At the time of this bumping, 13 slots out of a total 32 available have been taken. Plenty of room to take your shot at the prize pool.

Bump’n for the purpose of bump’n. 15 of 32 slots filled at the time of this bump.

One day left to sign up for the tournament, we have half out of the total 32 slots taken. Another sixteen slots up for grabs!

Time is starting to run short, but there are still plenty of slots left for this potentially 32 player tournament! Take your shot at early HW-R glory.

Seems like fun, signed myself up. Is there another platform (some website, forum) where this is being organized, other than challonge?

why not. signed up.

Sign up and git pwn’d nubs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget, players and potential viewers, the start time of the tournament is listed on the tournament page. Players should try to be there in the hour previous to start time. You don’t want to miss this because you slept in too long, now do you? :wink:

I couldn’t figure out how to ‘start’ or get setup.

We really need a lobby

Looks like the tourney’s been delayed until 1200 MST (1900 UTC)… ?

Tourney is on, you can watch here:

Guessing the internet gods of Krux’s ISP are most displeased with him, considering all of this downtime nonsense.