KU has an unreal range

Noticed this on Attikus, KU in the map start can take out the final shards from across the void.
(The shards that have to come down for the guarded chests below)

Just tested Alani there, she can’t hit the shards, not damaging them at all like KU does.

That’s pretty freakin amazing, unreal distance with his primary shooter.


Most characters with projectile based stuff can do that to my knowledge. There may be a damage penalty, but the projectile still exist until it runs into something. Alani, Ernest, and Orendi are the only Battleborn off the top of my head that their projectiles have a specific life time where they just eventually disappear/explode no matter what. And maaaybe El Dragon’s level 10 fireballs, but I’ve never used them.

I’ll go test a few, so far KU was the only one who could damage them, testing OM next.

Oscar Mike was probably obvious, without the scope, no, with the scope in pulse shots yes.
(Pulse shots because of the distance, movement is major.)

Only other character I can hit it with is Ben, once he gets to helix 3. (Rocket propulsion)

Give Thorn and anyone else with a gun a go. They can hit it because they have infinite projectile lifetimes. Alani and Orendi have projectile lifetimes, thus why they can’t hit it.

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…Some lucky shot might make it but it’s way too far for Thorns fall off.
I didn’t try Kleese yet but he has the same problem.

Kleese has an arc?

…At distance, yes, drop off.

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What about with the sniper augment?

…Welp, my bad, just tested Kleese, no problem taking it out. :blush:

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Just did it with Marquis and OM. Destroyed the shard with both of them from basically the same spot you’re standing on in the picture, just on the second story.

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Does it work with his pistol? Ik his sniper is hit scan so that doesn’t surprise me

Yeah his pistol worked too.

Good to know, thanks :heart:

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