Kushan/Taiidan vs Higgaran/Vaygr issue

I tried some multiplayer matches today with me as Taiidan/kushan and my oponents as Vaygr/Hygaran

Biggest problem i had was that in the late game, he is able to produce as much as 3-4 destroyers and even battlecruisers at once, since HW2 races have shypyards.

If i play with population low, this isn’t big of a problem, but with 3-4 shypyards + mothership, things get out of hand.
Also another issue is that HW 1 races don’t have upgrades like production speed, armour research or speed…how can they keep up with HW2 ships after these are upgraded?

Am i playing wrong or is the game that broken???

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The MP is not balanced yet, that is part of the reason why it is still Beta.

Does 1 v 1 against CPU counts as multyplayer? I guess so, but still there are BIG discrepancies between races.

Me playing as Vaygr and a Kushan random player managed to beat 4 allied hard AIs, mixed between HW1 and HW2 races. I think against the AI it doesn’t matter as much. Playing as HW2 races is easier yes, but so is setting the AI to easy…

Build carriers and spam bombers and frigates. Attack their resourcing to drop their output of capitals.

If you haven’t done so already you should post your experiences in the multiplayer section as its information like this which will help Gearbox get the races properly balanced against each other.

As ForceUser say’s it is still only at Beta at the moment. So the more reports you bring to light like this one the better the game will end up for all of us :slight_smile:

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In theory you should be able to cope as your carriers can produce two kinds of craft at a time. So you can pump out frigates while producing fighters, or have your carriers produce two kinds of frigates. You’re limited with your supercapital production but you can get out frigates and strike craft a lot quicker.

Defenders are awesome. And don’t underestimate Taiidan light corvettes now, I’m forming an opinion that they’re better than interceptors.

You’re complainable about shipyards? There are many thing imbalanced regarding taiidan and kushan vs hiigaran and vaygr. Shipyards are not one of them.

Maybe if you’re playing on higher unit caps.

But really the following is more important:

Corvette combat movement (they don’t aim properly, light corvettes are the least gimped but they are way inferior to gunships)
Fighter balance
Salvage not returning to carriers (both wreckage and captured ships)
Assault frigate anti-corvette capabilities (i think they copy pasted the vaygr version).