Kybs Worth..MIA

My perspective

Ever since Broken Hearts ended. I havent seen one since. Many, many runs farming.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Im Xbox. Did 11 consecutive runs true M4 a few days ago, saw 1 kybs, no anoint. Did 9 runs today, 0 kybs. 0 redists. Ffs

Yesterday I did one run with my Moze and found a Kyb’s x2 Cryo/Shock with 160% IB anointment.

Okay cool. Good to see.

Yea its RNG, but sometimes it feels like they tweak RNG drop rates up and down.

I play alot and 90% is the Takedown so my sample size of play over time and completions isnt small. Just saying

Drops have been complete garbage for almost everyone. Lots of sliding and airborne junk.

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