Kybs Worth stops regening ammo with Redistribution

Several times last night I found my Kybs Worth running low on ammo in the magazine (had a 79 max at the time) despite Redistribution. Since I was running a Blast Master com, I didn’t want to reload. 2 points in Redistribution meant fast ammo regen on crit, but it would continue to get lower. So I tested it and threw out grenades, they would crit with Pull the Holy Pin, and the Kybs Worth ammo stayed stagnant.

After a reload, regen worked again. Of course then I had 52 sec to wait for max damage again. This is on PS4 btw. Anyone else have this happen?

There is an issue I’ve noticed that either has to do with Mag Size or Fight For Your Life.

If you have increased mag size sometimes the gun won’t regen over a certain amount. It seemed like it would only happen after going I to FFYL.

It definitely could be caused by going into FFYL. No way that’s working as intended though.

I’ve seen this happen a bunch of times now as well where regen will cap out before filling the full mag, it’s weird then after I reload it’s fine again

this ususally seem happen when you either pick up ammo or gain ammo via other means like cutpurse. it soft caps the magazine.

It’s definitely a big problem when the crux of your build is on not reloading.

Unless there’s a bug specifically with that gun that I’m unaware of and haven’t encountered yet (haven’t had a ton of playtime with the kyb’s), this is caused by picking up ammo.

It’s the one thing that prevents +2 redistribution from replacing forge. When you pick up ammo it over fills your reserve, so you can no longer generate ammo in your magazine. There’s a cap on the total ammo you can carry (mag + reserve).

Only solution is dealing with it, or going up to forge, because with forge it will pretty much always regenerate ammo before you happen to pick it up. Sometimes you lose like 2 or 3 percent of your magazine.

This is the concept that makes click click work, and why it works vastly better with forge than without.

I used a few hundred ammo before mobbing and that corrected the issue. Picking up ammo was preventing me from regening more in the magazine.

Yup that works too. It’s annoying, but it is what it is.

At least it doesn’t take too long to fire half of your ammo with the kyb’s.