Kyrb's worth farming

Is it me or this thing never drops??
All im doing is running takedown(mayhem 3) and never got one not even a bad one…

I know its rng but i had to share my frustration :frowning:

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Dedicated drops are just very low. I did Takedown many times solo/coop on M4 and got only couple of them.

Got my first anointed Kybs after about 70 kills on M4. Its crazy. Wasnt even elements that I needed. And the anointment is Moze specific, even though I played as Zane.
Never seen an anointed Redistributor either.
Not sure if they have made a mistake when adjusting droprates. but something is terribly wrong. One out of every 15 runs, Valkyries dont even drop a single legendary (and thats on M4), which is insane.


Now you reminded me i also havent seen a redistributor yet, im mostly farming m3 and sometimes m4 but i hate feeling useless and getting carried so i join a group in m3 where i can deal some dmg.

Should i try soloing it without mayhem or on m1? (Playing moze)

If you just want a gun, then doesn’t matter what level you’re playing. Higher Mayhem = higher chance for anointed bonus.

What system are you on? I have some

Ps4 “fingers crossed”

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Me too!

I’ve gotten tons of kybs (15-20) to drop running the take down. Im somewhere around 70+ w other players. I’ve only gotten 1 distributor to drop. It’s a dumpster fire.

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Dont you have to run it on M4 in order to get Kybs? Pretty sure that’s an M4 Specific drop?

Just to warn you, I spent a ton of time farming for the Kyb so that my Moze would be able to keep up in MH4, and eventually I found one, and I was so excited! It grants 125% splash damage after action skill ends AND even is in Corrosive/Shock, AND is x3… however, the gun is still lackluster on MH4.

After all of that time, I’ve gone back to a rocket build (Ion Cannon or Scourge/Lump) to be able to deal any REAL damage in MH4…

Having been where you are and to the other side of it, my advice: don’t farm for a Kyb, especially with the level cap increase coming soon. Farming for the Raid guns (especially if you are in search for a specific element/anointment) is an absurd waste of time…

I’ve killed Wotan about 80 times now. And I’ve seen ONE Kybs Worth drop. This is on Mayhem 4 with a team of 4 people


In my opinion, NOTHING is worth farming in the Takedown. I just killed the Valkerie Squad on mayhem 2 solo and they didn’t even drop 1 single legendary. Just a couple annointed blues and greens. 1 worthless purple sheild and about 2 bricks of eridium. Total waste of time.

The Maliwan Takedown pretty much makes me hate playing BL3 now.

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If you can get your hands on a slowhand shotgun and westerguns with x2 bullets m4 will be easier. Im dabbling in m4 with minesweeper. Sloow hand is sick, especially with mines from com.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll look for some westerguns x2.

But to clarify, I’m not really struggling at this point. I have a cool build and can make it to Wotan on MH4 solo very consistently in a reasonably small amount of time. I haven’t been able to kill Wotan solo yet, with Moze, but I don’t feel too far off…

Agree with this part 100%.

Disagree with this part though. The challenge of soloing the takedown with each character is the only thing that has kept me playing up to this point. It is a cool challenge to test builds and gear, and force me to think about the DPS math and cooldown rates in the game.

The Takedown is a terrible place to farm for gear, but maybe that’s okay? Give me more hard content to test my builds!

Nope, it can drop on any mode.

What weapons are you using? And com. I do ok but could use more firepower.

Get a Scourge that has ASE +100% DMG (or +125% Splash, or +120% Splash after exiting IB), and use the Blast Master Com. You’ll also benefit from any armor and any grenade with differnt ASE 50% bonuses.

Suit up with most or all of that, and then speck into the Green and Blue trees, and you’ll be able to clear all of the mobs in the raid on MH4 with ease. I’ve been able to beat the Valkaries about 3/4 times too.

Green Tree for “some for the road”, and the Blue Tree to for both IB cooldown skills, “MOD” and “Vampyr”.

It’s amazing what firing 5 or 6 free Scourge shots every 8-10 seconds can do to a mob of enemies. But, at the same time, it is underwhelming compared to the results with SMGs from the other characters :).

Good luck.

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Sure it would be ok, if it wasn’t the only place to get certain things. If you gate specific items to a specific place you have to make them possible to get lol. Otherwise I agree it’s a great place to test builds and challenge yourself.