L. F Mongol (Corrosive) or Night Pitchfork (shock)

I have all New DLC weapons, ,max celestial class mods, max legendary shields. including glitch weapons (Anarchists ,ravenger, elemental sniders…)

I have the corrosive Mongol level 70 and the night pitchfork(shock) level 70. That sniper is awesome. I am willing to trade. My gamertag is Kurtdawg13 on 360.

I can trade as well and would be interested in all weapons you guys discussed. I am able to help farm or complete missions as well as help me. I’ve been looking for partners to farm Loathing and Self-Despair for the Thunderfire and Meganades.

Xbox 360

I can help you with the Thunderfire and Meganades. I can help you farm them or just give you them. Which ever you prefer. I’m flexible. : )

I would like to try and farm for them and a few other things. If it gets tedious, then we can trade.

send a friend request?

Cool. I’ll send a friend request when I get home around 4pm PST. I like to farm Eclipse/EOS and pretty much any other boss. I love to see “orange” drop.

i’m gonna need better gear to farm EOS though, that level 70 shock pitchfork would be a good start lol

fyi, farmed loathing and self-despair last night 3 times, no legendary dropped.

the default drop rate sucks. I wish they would compile that info and give us an answer on whether we get a permanent increase to the drop rate or not. I loved the drop rate during the testing period. I was seeing lots of orange. :smile:
I farmed for the meganade and once I got it I used the grinder to get all elements. I don’t even use them. I think my longbow quasar is much more effective.

I use the corrosive mongol and lady fist method to farm Eclipse/EOS.

I’ve also just used the luck cannon, but that just takes too long.

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