L.f The Empr-Trp, Void rocker, Gynoid Agent, Could Eat No Fat, Voodoo and The #1 Head Biotch

Will the heads and skins I have gotten from Zarpedon and the sentinel and others. if I have to I will trade Borderlands 2 heads, skins, legendaries. for these. Im a bit tired of farming zarpedon and the sentinel for weeks now… if you can help thanks! :slight_smile:

Farm them on normal mode. If your higher level it’s about 4-5 minutes a run. When i was farming for void rocker I saw all except jacks head fall. I even saw claptrap twice drop.

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Thanks buddy. I will Definitely continue to farm. I guess some drops a too stubborn to fall. smh. The Sentinel has a deep loot pool. Which Character were you playing with? Wilhelm? Claptrap?

Wait, Zarpedon is farmable now??

Wilhelm. Keep running the sentinel on normal mode you will get your drop. IT took me about 20-30 tries to get Wilhelm’s head,other heads kept dropping for other characters.

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