L> Items OP8, trading OP8 Norfleets, etc

Have (OP8):
Conference Calls
Rustler’s Twister
Grounded Hide of Terra
Grounded the Bee
All first gen Pearls
+Many others

Corrosive Sandhawk
Second Gen Pearls
Non Fidle-dee Ahab

check out my shop see if you can find what your looking for

my shop: Crazy Tank's op8 Gear! (update! 1.1)

Hi there :smile:

I’ve Sham (85%), many Bitch (neutral) and some SkullMasher and Cobra to trade if interested :wink:

I would like to see your Interfacers and Twister :yum:

i have a corrosive sandhawk to trade for the twister

i also have a 94% op8 sham and an op8 Ahab to trade as well

Ill add you later

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That’s a pretty serious list. If you would be able to give me any/all of these i would be very grateful. Alternatively, i would give you any item on my list, I also have heads/skins (ask and ill have it). Ill try to add you on PSN later
PSN: RoyalMillmoo

Flying Sandhawk (Shock)
Murdering Slagga
Rightsizing Bitch (Shock)
Tumtum Cobra
Skookum Skullmasher
Tumtum Godfinger
Omen (Fire)
Teeth of Terra
Boss Bekah
Legendary Killer/Ninja/Gunzerker
Tumtum Hawkeye

yeah that’s no problem all of them are yours just add me and i’ll have them ready for you not looking for anything really so not looking of anything in return.

what is your psn? you could also add me

I’ll do my own trade post soon because I have a LOT of stuff to trade/give. :slight_smile:

Will trade OP 8 Perfect Sham for Shock Norfleet.

Gamertag : Boonehall96

Ive got a sham, a cobra, and a corrosive sand hawk. will trade any or all of those for norfleets or interfacers. My sham is a perfect 94%. Not sure on Cobra, and Sand Hawk has the stopping prefix, not flying.

And all are OP8