L4 Double Penetrating Shredded Bangstick

Have plenty of legendaries, if you have a lvl60 bangstick to trade please lmk. Been farming for one for a long time and cant seem to get one to drop. i have a lvl 50 bangstick but it doesnt really cut it anymore. if you have any good spots or bosses to farm for one please lmk as well. :smiley:

Hi, I saw one in Wotan’s pile just now and remembered this thread. The anointment on it sucks, but I don’t really need anything in return, so if you send a Shift friend invite to Minus_SHiFT I’ll send it over.

Cool, I’ll add you when I get on tomorrow appreciate it!

So have you since found your own, or…?

I’ve been swamped with work and haven’t had any time to play. Next time I get on I’ll add you

Added you bro

All set!


L4 Double Penetrating Shredded Bangstick lvl 60 pls