L50 only 48 Skill points

Hello, I’ve hit L50 but only got 48 skill points. What’s happened to the last one? I imported my character (beastmaster/Fl4k) from the beta at L10 with no unused points, which is the only thing I can think that may have affected the character. TIA for replies.

Everyone that’s level 50 only has the 48 points. I was confused at first as well but it’s the same for everyone

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Thanks for the reply. I have seen builds on the net with or for 49 points… I guess the initial action skill only allows for 48?

Something among those lines, yes. You start at level 1, get your action skills (and in Fl4k’s case your pets) at level 2 and from level 3-50 you get one skillpoint each.

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Currently, you only get 48 skill points you can assign once at level 50.
You get 5 extra points from a COM, but those extra points only go to whatever skills are listed on the COM.

Sometime down the road, the level 50 cap may be raised. At that point more skill points will become available. Maybe even new skill trees.