Lab 19 mission broke?

the mission echo is in the correct location but it wont let me accept the mission

Is the ‘!’ over it? IIRC there are two echoes you have to pick up, each one by a dead body with a tentacle. If not that, and a save-quit-restart doesn’t clear it, you might have to find someone else’s game to drop in.

the “!” isn’t over the eho and I have tried to save and restart the game same thing the echos to accept the mission is there it just wont let me do anything so ill try with somebody elses game thx

Try looking for the other echo then - as I said, there are two of them, and I think you have to pick them up in order. Maybe take a look at a run-through video to make sure you know where both of them are. The only other thing I can think of is that the Lab 19 mission doesn’t become available until you’ve completed a bunch of the other R&D missions. It’s possible you may have to complete the Nakayama missions before you can get Lab 19.

i got the lab 19 when i was in the middle of some missions with nakayama try doing some and if that dosent work try playing the main story till you head to the veins of heilos