Lab Shotgun buff

It’s now really fun. Thanks!

You still have to use carefully and it’s best at short range…but an excellent killer. At the moment mine is a cryo.

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I used it last night and it was so much fun but today not so much. It went from being in the thousands for damage to the hundreds. Is yours still good?

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Load your hotfixes. They need a 106 font size message in blinking red text with an alert screaming at a million decibles when you open your game that just repeats over and over LET YOUR HOTFIXES LOAD

The amount of times a day this gets answered between here and Reddit is staggering.


The thing is i did already so between yesterday till today the lob has had 3 different numbers. I will restart it again just to see.

If it went from thousands to hundreds the hotfixes are not loaded. The card should have from high 7k’s to 9k’ in damage.

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I feel bad for all the people going back and spending hours farming for the Lob now just to find out Gearbox is going to nerf it back next week.


remember when the baby used to scream gearbox, make it scream let your hotfixes load and we’ll be good


Greetings… just see this thread now, I have a 7000 damage rads not sure if it was legit but seems legit.

nota bene: it is wonderful pure devastation on mayhem 4

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Am I the only one around here that thinks that the buff it’s a bit too much? The fact that any VH can 1 shot most bosses with unannointed versions and not matching elements is crazy, or do you think that with how the proyectiles work the damage is just right?


I can one shot Traunt with many weapons, one of them being a non element matching Fire Wedding Invitation. It’s ok to have strong weapons, and it has it’s drawbacks.


I’m amazed by the speed at which these things inundate the trading section – so many requests for cryo or other anointed Lobs all of a sudden! Never saved them, will have to keep an eye out for one to try out.

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Suddenly there is merit in farming Gravy again :rofl:

Of course, I haven’t seen a Lob or Woodblocker drop since the buffs. RNGesus, why have you forsaken me?!


Mine is working fine. Slow shots, but when they connect, they’re fun.

As soon as I heard the scale of the lob buff I went searching in my bank and found a rad lob w/ sntnl cryo. Absolutely no clue why I picked it up (or why I kept it) but I am glad I did now. Tested it out in the raid and I got a one burst kill on the kraken, without sntnl active. So it is most likely going to see a slight nerf maybe back to pre buff ammo useage (I think it used 4 per shot w/ charge time but idk for sure) but I don’t see much more than that happening.

Fun detected. LOBliterate.



I hope not but… i wouldn’t be surprised. I hope other guns get brought up to this level or at least one level below the LOB

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It’s definitely broken now. I do expect some “…was never intended to…” in the next hotfix notes.

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Yeah it was buffed. But now it is easily the most OP gun as of yet and doing way to much damage even on M4 so its gonna get nerfed. Enjoy it while you can and don’t complain when it gets beat with the bat like everyone knows will happen! It is basically a triple Ion cannon on some builds and if the cannon got nerfed this thing is about be nuked into non existence again XD