Lack luster Ultimate

Anyone else feel her ultimate needs a little bit of tweaking? I don’t mind that it isn’t a heavy hitting one and it’s more of a trap, what bothers me is the invisible ghost left behind on the spot you activate it, It already takes time to get it going and you can easily be taken out of it during this time.

Plenty of times there have been situations were I trap and enemy BB the Ult. goes off and as soon as i get out of it I am dead, mostly because AOE has been dropped in the Area were her Ultimate has been activated and also the damaged received if there is AOE going on were you have the trapped BB.

anyone else feel that invisible hit box ghost should be addressed?

Ppl will say it should be used to hunt only 1 target, it can deal insane dmg.

But to be honest its dmg is crap compares to other assasins, it can only kill 1 target, if more than 1 target gets caught its dmg drops so bad, you get into a bad situation and the animation after the ult, everything is just meh.

But s&a ult is probably worst… Its dmg is crap, takes a while to activate, your dmg drops and you cant use your other usefull skills

I used to be with you guys, but the more and more I think about it, the more I think it is good as is. The only time I have ever regretted using it was I tried to pick someone off in the middle of overgrowth. It just takes more awareness of when to use it and I am fine with her being a difficult character to use. I do think for the amount of damage, the cooldown is too high, but for a skill, I think it is fine.

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I really like Deandes ult. Excellent group stun.
Yeah, you can be killed using it. But you can also stun the entire enemy team for it’s duration (And in Incursion when teams usually bunch up a lot, it’s not that rare) and when the whole enemy team is stunned they are just waiting for your teams other ultimates and attacks!

Though I would say that Deandes ultimate is the most useful in a group you can easily communicate with. Stuns are a lot more powerful when you can indicate who you are stunning and when.

You can also ask your healer to heal you while in the ultimate. Not as effective as normal but just as possible as damaging you.

S&A ult is def much worse, haha :joy:

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I don’t mind the damage output of the wind up time, what bothers me is that invisible hit box left behind. i’ll be damaging someone with it and when i come back I’m on the edge of dragon splash or Oscar mikes ultimate with so little health left.

True but D: i love deande i want an ultimate as scary as rath, phoebe (if used correctly), dragón, orendi, thorn or Oscar mike.

Or atleast like Galilea a usefull way to get out and survive or maybe caldarius ult, good for waves or to get away or in high places.

850 damage over 10 strikes is nice. It can be stacked with Lorrian Skill Spike, Bola’s Target Finder or Voxis Core. Use it for mass stun or just pound a single target.

The biggest problem, and there’s no denying it, is the wind up time. It is hard to execute with The Element of Surprise.

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It’s a setup ultimate, teamwork makes the dream work.


And best used in chaos. Sneak behind the enemy team while they are fighting your team. They’ll be occupied and probably won’t notice you in time… Pick your target(st) and go ham. Team up with a Pendles and the enemy team will be afraid of their own shadows.

Do note OP that I have not seen any Deandes in competitive level play, so these are just tips for public play :stuck_out_tongue:

Deande dosent have enough sustain, speed or cc :frowning: thats my opinion.

I have made this point before on a Deande post and I will make it again. She is a top 10 character in every aspect of the game and that is her strength. Since there are (soon to be) 28 characters in the game, the average is 14. She has above average damage, above average survivability, good CC (when you know how to use it), and can fill multiple roles for a team. She can be played as a ranged character, a glass cannon, or as a brawler depending on how you choose your skills. Since this game is trying to be as balanced as possible, I think she is pretty balanced.

This is my a build, gear boots of the brut,s tolen edge, vow of vengance all max roll,-1,1,1,-1,0,-1,1,-1,-1,
With this build i try to get in, burst dash and meele untill my shield breaks and hollowtiwn to boost my dmg

My b build, bolas target, shield+ skill, broch of leechsteel,-1,1,-1,0,-1,1,-1,-1,-1

Engage cloaked and use burst dash with my shields full, try to deal some meele dmg and use storm.

I cant target in range, not like phoebe or rath do, atikus just kill to fast, you dont even need to run.

Oh dear any tip will be apreciated, maybe is just time to move on.

I think you have two solid builds but I would suggest always taking double trouble at lvl 1. Ground Zero is her worst helix choice and taking double trouble means you don’t have to use a piece of gear on move speed. I think her attack speed is fine without adding an item. If you take life steal at lvl 3, you can solo the double thralls pretty easily so attack speed and damage boosts will help make something good, great. I totally use those in PvE though, makes her a total beast.

I tend to think since she is overall good, make something that isn’t very strong better. My load out with her has been 0 cost max shield, 0 cost shard generator, and the blue rogue cooldown (cooldown + cooldown while all skills are on cooldown). I like the shield because I tend to use calculate risk, but if I don’t take it, it usually means I am getting knocked around so an extra 140 shield is good in all situation. Her biggest weakness is cooldown, so by having 11% cooldown when I need it has been a huge difference maker. I have been thinking about going all in on skill damage to really boost the burst dash, but if I take that loadout, I feel like I have to play that style, regardless of the situation, so I like to leave myself with options .

With all things equal, this is how I tend to go:,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,

I think it’s fine. She’s not meant to kill multiple simultaneously. She either sets up her team, or wrecks one target. Fits her perfectly.

My apologies everyone, my title might have been a bit misleading, The problem I have is the Invisible hit box left behind while her Ultimate is going on.

I know, and I do think it is annoying at times too, but her ult isn’t like Ambra’s or OM’s where you just set it and forget it. It takes a lot more overall awareness on pulling off a perfect blink storm. Making it easier to use or her less vulnerable while using it totally changes her as a character.

Although, I think it would be pretty cool if the hitbox moved with her and she jumped out of it based on the final strike.

Her ult is a nice setup, great for freezing an entire team or priority target leaving them open to attack by team mates.

Kelvin has a wall… He makes a wall of ice…


Best comment ever.

Omg Kelvin wall of ice is so freaking fun when a montana think he can beat you and realise he cant and try to run to find out is stuck with you.

Or when you close a door !! Hahahaha i laugh everytime they stop and turn around and know they are fed up.

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Everyone keeps downplaying deande. Quick question do you guys use burst dash to initiate your attack. Another question are you using ground zero? If you are stop it you’re an assassin not a wave clearer leave that to people that can’t do an instant 600 damage to enemy BB