Lack luster Ultimate

I feel like I have to say something to all the people talking about how her ult is supposed to ‘set up allies for kills’. She’s an Assassin, not a support. Meaning she should be the one getting a fair amount of kills, and doing decent damage, not supporting other peoples kills with a 60+ second ult cooldown (don’t know the exact time, but I do know it’s a while. I don’t know if it’s just how I play her, or if it’s my teammates, or my enemies, but I never feel as if I have a good moment to strike, it just feels as if I’m more of an annoyance to my enemies than a direct danger like Rath or Phoebe does. In a 1v1 fight it’s really a 50/50 shot of me getting to kill the other person, despite being an Assassin, who by definition should always have the upper hand in those engagements. I don’t think they should replace the skill, but reworking it to be less of a support ult wouldn’t be too terrible of an idea, to me, at least.

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Her ult can do 1k damage to a single target or she could group stun. Its a very amazing ultimate that has the best group stun in the game

I know that, I got her mastered, I’m just saying that as an Assassin, maybe she shouldn’t have the best CC in the game, and have an ult that isn’t a pure support ability if used on more than one person. (Even when used on one person, due to the length of it and both stuns, as many have pointed out, you can be very easily killed during/after it, even in story.)

It is a nice idea, but the overall execution of it could be improved, I think, without being overpowered.

Totally agree… While it can certainly dish out the highest single target damage, the chances of catching just one enemy in her ult is pretty hard, especially since minions can also be tagged by her ult… As an assassin she must guarantee a kill or 2 with her ult and not setup kills for others… What i would like to see in Blinkstorm is the ability to let her choose targets… During the windup she can choose upto 5 targets that are in range to ult and after the channeling she’ll damage only those targets… This will give a new depth to how she initiates - she can either select just that one squishy carry and finish him/her off or if you want to setup your team for a massive wombo combo then choose more than one target… What it also does is that it will negate the chances of inadvertently catching minions in her ult range and focus all her damage on the enemy battleborn alone…

I did a lot of testing with her, she can Dish a lot of dmg but her meele range is crap, is so easy to miss or avoid her dmg aslong as you are not a giant target. Gear was vov, vozf, bolas.

I got a higher dmg output with ground Zero, sneak cloaked behind your targets(thats the trick target more than 1) to Dish increased dmg to.more than one, thats how her dmg increas, also her ult can be used for team set up instead to try to kill a single target. My gear, extra shield (voxis core), skill dmg bolas to increas party dmg and cooldown when all skills are in cd

What does bolas do again? I had it in beta but not in game yet

Skill dmg, attack speed, 5% extra dmg from all sources (included teamates) for 10 seconds to a target hit by a skill

But the odds of people getting hit with all of ground zero are minimal. It’s easy to see coming and puts you more at risk. But if you use burst dash in its regular form then it’s less noticeable and the damage is instant.

Ppl tend to stick together, noobs are the one that split and you can pick them up one by one.

Must of the time thats deande problem, if the other team is together you cant get in, with ground Zero you can disrupt their formation giving your team some sec to push. This way you hollowtiwn behind them, burst dash atleast 2 ppl and you are dealing 400 (if your base dmg is 200) weak them and get out.

I know thats not how assasins are suppous to play, but without her knuck up i have a hard time finishin one target if they decide to run. And pendless cant beat deande with ground Zero lol you can hit him when he decides to smoke bomb to weak him dealing more dmg and follow the weaked animation to finish him.

God even Ernest is FASTER than deande, have you ever tried to run away from rath or phoebe? Run away from deande is so easy ;-;

I have to ask to make sure you are talking about the same ult. This is the one where she hits the person a ton of times in a row ala Akuma’s raging Demon?

I was hit with the damn thing yesterday for every drop of health and shield I had. It was pretty horrible.

Exactly they didn’t need to buff it really. It already had so much power in it

Currently at level 10, her ult does a base damage of 1,010, but that’s only if you’re able to get one target inside of it, otherwise the damage gets divided by up to five. I seriously doubt 1,010 damage is enough to completely kill a character from full health/shields. The only strength to her ult is it can stun players for a fairly long time, but that’s it. It’s a support ult, not an Assassin ult.

(Also, it’s 101 damage per hit at level ten, with 10 hits, and up to five targets, dividing the damage between them.)

You can add 15% Skill damage with Gear and 23% damage with “The Culling” and it deals around 1450 damage (but you need to hit with a burst dash before that will also deal +600 damage)… So with ult + burst dash she have a potential burst of 2000 damage + the clone damage 320 + clone attacks… (Don’t know if the clone get the 25% damage of her passive, think not)

Skill damage gear is multiplicative, whatever that means, but her ult has a 2 second wind up, I believe (Since I’m able to get increased damage on the first/second hits after coming out of cloak, so it wouldn’t increase her damage by an overwhelming amount.

Her passive states that all of her skills and attacks do 25% increased damage after breaking stealth, so I imagine it applies to her clone too (Though it hardly ever survives long enough.). It’s still just 25%, and only for three seconds after uncloaking, which is a really short timeframe, since her other skill, and her ult, have a charge up time (Aside from Ground Zero, but can we not talk about that?).

Yes i know, i did it multiplicatively

Her passive just boost the 2 first ticks of her ult as it only last 3 sec. But the Culling helix last longer than 3 sec (5 or 6), so you can proc the 23% with her ult (only the last tick won’t have it)

Her passive is short yes, but it always work with burst dash as i alwyas use the burst dash when i’m in stealth

I recently realized there is a helix option to produce a holotwin when you execute Blink Storm. That has helped me a lot in avoiding being so exposed in those few seconds before she hits off her ult.

I’ve found it very useful, especially if you bait someone round a corner into it. Best make friends with an Oscar Mike as together you can really wreck with his AoE or ultimate.

People talk down on Deande but she is by far my best character and I’ve only played 20 or so games with her. I take free shard, free shield and focus on burst dash. My final gear is legendary skill damage which increases damage and attack speed. I fan constantly (I swear it’s better than her primary) and decoy, position then dash targeting Miko or other light characters. I constantly pug so it’s not team composition.

during chaos rumble I’ve been messing with her, she’s much more viable than I remember(before the july patch) i’m honestly slightly impressed

More viable, yes, but you can still be hit/killed/stunned while in her ult, which would technically be impossible from a visual standpoint, as during it she doesn’t really have a physical body, instead she is rapidly teleporting to multiple people, striking them, then teleporting to a different target or spot. Besides that, it’s not clear if it’s actually her delivering the blows, or specially modified decoys that she has for it specifically.

Although I agree with you, she can do many roles well and some people can’t aim her actual Dash well. They do lose out on a lot but that may be the only way they can play her. Especially if they lack wave clear