Lack of attention to TFTB?

Soooooo, the Episode 2 trailer got released.

Atlas Mugged Trailer

On Telltale, the general reaction is: “HYPE TRAIN!”

On here?


Seriously, though, why are people paying less attention to TFTB? We have a section in the forums, AND THERE’S ONLY 9 OR SO PEOPLE POSTING.

And seeing how this forum’s been pretty quiet or doing the same topics lately…why not go down there and speculate? There’s so much! Athena’s appearance, Jack’s AI ghost…

Besides, who cares if it’s not a shooter? It’s an episodic story-based game that’s done pretty well so far, and seems to be going in a more serious direction.

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I’m avoiding it because I’m waiting for all episodes to be out, and want to avoid spoilers. With this type of game pretty much any info is a spoiler. I’m sure there are others in the same boat

Well, you took the stab at this forum eh? Good job on you! I was gonna save that as the nuclear option. =P

More of y’all need to get on this hype train. We need more Borderlands players actually on this Borderlands train!

It’s a Hyperion train, but don’t worry, we cleared out all the loaders first!

(Chucks Wilhelm’s corpse out of the door)

Is there any benefit in having TFTB on the same platform as your BL1/2/TPS saves? Because one of the reasons I’ve been holding off is a distinct lack of space (and the final TPS DLC sure won’t help!)

It’s…er…on Mac it’s…2.09 GB.

That works for me! My question was, are there any bonsuses that tie between TFTB and BL1/2/TPS, like the bonuses you got in the BL games for having played the earlier ones, or are the two series completed separate in that regard?

Other question: does TFTB require an internet connection while playing (as opposed to installing)? I’d like to know if this is something I could play on my laptop while riding the subway…

Oh no, it doesn’t. Not at all. I played it without one and it works BRILLIANTLY.

Bonuses? There may be bonus equipment coming out in the future, I guess. There is, however, a lot of continuity references to BL2. Like, I could list 'em all here. (I made a list in one of the Telltale discussion for the new recruits. If you want, I’ll post the non-spoilery ones here.)

Alrighty then! Sounds like something to add to my game queue…

You’ll like it! Oh, and it’s up to you to whether be a douchebag or a nice guy.

Also, there is some shooting, and some action.

I played a demo. It looked interesting. Kinda like a throwback to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books :smile:

However, I still haven’t finished all the BL2 DLC. So it’s not interesting enough to steal time away from that.

Eh I want to wait until all of the episodes are out. It also doesn’t help that l won’t actually be playing any of them, just watching on YouTube

Honestly, they’re worth the spending money. Five bucks alone was awesome for just the first episode. IF the rest are as good? OH boy.

It is, except it’s got darker themes, like Borderlands, the Walking Dead, Jurassic Park (that one didn’t turn out too well, if the reviews are anything to go by.)

But still, play it! Tis’ amazing.

Did they really make a Jurassic Park game? I know they made residen t evil but uhh… I’m a HUGE Stegosaurus

Have played ep.1 and looking forward to ep.2. Bought the season pass after acquiring TWD seasons 1 & 2 for £9 each in the XB1 sale at Xmas and enjoyed the first 3 eps of that.

For me? Tyrannosaurus/Tricerotops/Chasmosaurus for the win.

But yeah, they did make one. It was OK.

There’s a LEGO Jurassic Park on the way - check out the iconic T-Rex in the teaser trailer. Yeah, that’s LEGO humour!

$5? It’s $25 USD on Steam for me. :frowning: But that could be because it’s the whole season and not just the first episode. I’ll have to wait until I have $25 I can spend before I pick it up, but I am certainly interested in playing it eventually.

Oh yah, the PC version can’t be bought separately. Probably because console people would go into an uproar. Damn my people.

Well, still. If the rest of the episodes make me kinda smirk, nod my head and go “huh!” as much as the first one did, 25 dollars well spent!