Lack of Avoidance and collisions between ships/

The game looks beautiful, but the lack of Avoidance and collisions between ships spoil the experience.
The all units in the game pass through each other without trying avoid and without collisions!
All enemy or allied units in the game do not keep distance between each other and constantly pass through all ships.
Even if player will move the Command Carrier (the largest in the game unit!) on the nearest enemy Carrier, then this both carriers simply pass through each other without any damages or other effects. In both Homeworld games never had such bugs. Please fix it, and add normal avoidance between ships and add collisions in which the units will get damaged (if you were unable to avoid). For comparison, in the 1999 Classic Homeworld has implemented it details is perfectly.

While I agree to your request, I’ve seen some cases where I move the Kapici into a group of units, and they just get pushed, not clipping at all.

Still, it is something that could receive a tweak or two.

I realized mad regression in the gameplay of all hw games.

First Homeworld (1999) has avoidance between ships and collision and even explosion damages.
Second Homeworld (2003) has no collisions, damages but was still avoidance between ships.
Third Homeworld (2016) DOK has nothing of the above actually.

I’m in shock. Then what will be then Homeworld3;

Homeworld 3:

just one single big ship = no formation or collision problems but extremely high poly count model & textures
no weapons = no problems with RNG projectiles, but epic music from U2
no movement at all = even if a modder will add a second ship, they will never see each other

Two points:

  1. When any unit can freely slide in any direction across all three dimensions, collision avoidance is ridiculously easier than wheeled or tracked units that have turning circles and only forward or reverse movement on an essentially 2d surface.

  2. Even in the original HW, collision avoidance worked imperfectly and often looked derpy as hell.

Having collisions would be a strain on performance, with much more complicated physics simulation, and AI/pathing working crazy hard to avoid it. The beautiful HWesque whirling battles of strikecraft would be reduced to a glitchy, laggy destruction derby.


Same here, although this generally only happens in regards to the Kapici. Other ships sort of try to clip through each other and while the smaller vessels will move around, they don’t properly do so.

At that time it was a revolutionary game. It continues to amaze even in 2016, in its details. Each Interceptor(smallest gameplay unit) had explosion damage result and could have collision with other units. You speak about performance in DOK… Hmm but in the 1999, this will not affect performance of classic Homeworld. In that distant time, I became a lover and fan of this game. And now, 17 years later I ask myself (note, a reasonable question!) Why the developers in 1999 could do that, but now in 2016 can’t do? It was a rhetorical question.

I saw how the game was made. 8 years of hard work. Yes I appreciated it, but I continue believe that the absence of these details should not be in the any game after its release, especialy in 2016! I don’t feel sorry for the money that I paid for the game, since I appreciate the work of developers, but still, I continue to believe that the game should not be sold until there are SUCH ISSUES. Because it’s a shame.
Still hope that someday this will be fixed by mods or even by the developers themselves.

1999, the original Homeworld.

And no, but other RTSs don’t have flocks of fast circling, physics simulated strikecraft weaving around and strafing their targets while shooting them; that’s pretty uniquely Homeworld.

DoK is fantastic and well worthy of the HW name and legacy, and well worth the money. If you don’t play it that’s your loss. /shrug

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