Lack of Content in TTW

TTW desperately needs more content other than doing the Chaos Chamber over and over again.

I dont care to chase the new meta gun that gets buffed and changed on a weekly basis to keep us on the same old wild goose chase which the hunted item is the only thing that changes.

Even though I had a ton of fun playing the game, the redundancy has worn on me and I need new content to keep me playing: not a random gun buffed 384% just to peak my interest.


No takedowns
No arenas
No proving grounds

I like to stay on lower level chaos and have fun with any weapons and build. But repeating chaos chamber over and over… My god!

I don’t know why they would not take these elements as standard for any future game.
Make it Wonderlands if you want, but make it!

And then chaos chamber is on top, or as dlc…



Would have been the task of the first DLC…

but that turned out to be more of the same :frowning:

actualy expected sunfang oasis or the pirate town, can’t remember the name… amount of content at least. we got 1(?) chaos run?

i do agree that chaos chambers run a bit stale after a while


The Chaos Chamber is actually kind of boring. It’s a good mechanic for leveling difficulty, but honestly not much fun outside of that. It’s also kind of killed my desire to improve my build, as it’s really hard to farm for some gear as it’s dedicated source is a random barf bunny.

Not that it would matter anyway. There’s no endgame content outside of Chaos Chamber. No raid bosses, circles of Slaughter, takedowns, or trials.


This is what happens when you let gearbox get away with making BL3.5 charging full price for minimum change & content. Then paying Reviews to say it’s the best in the series so they are able to set a new low bar for standards going forward. So when the next dlc drops and it’s 3 rooms instead of 1 everyone will ack like it’s the greatest thing ever while being ignorant and forgetting the takedowns we got for Free in BL3 which had tons of replay value.

Buy the game when it’s on sale for 20$ With all the season pass content included if you really want to support them!


It does feel like DLC 1 was just withheld content from launch that they sold to us a month later.


Chaos Chamber could replace the trials of BL3, i would be ok with that.

But… Where is the rest?!

I don’t doubt it will come, I’m sure some of the future DLC should be good. They usually aren’t ALL misses… Curious as to why they launched with a dlc a month later as opposed to a patch, that’s pretty BM.

In the meantime I’ll play some BL2 and enjoy actual good combat music.


I’d rather have the trials then the Chaos chamber. They have been quite a chore to do and pretty much not enjoyable to me now.


Give it some time and I’m sure it will be around 30$

there are :wink:

you need to do the sigil puzzles in the chaos chambers (unlock all of them in the same run and you’ll get to fight “the maker”)

would be nice if it would create a new chaos chamber mode once you’ve unlocked/killed them all so you don’t have to run through a random chaos run in order to fight them.

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