Lack of creativity and innovation

Borderlands 3 is huge with a lot of maps appearing pretty empty and not very much secrets to discover aside from audio logs and easter eggs.
When i saw the commercials i was hooked by the very first moment.
I had been a big fan of the series for long time and i was hyped for the release like many others. I really like the shootin and lootin in this game and guns feel way better than in any other borderlands game.
With that beeing said this topic is about the idea that this game could truly achieve something bigger.
In order to be that game that get us addicted in 2020 i really think there is some mechanics we need in this game.

  • Bosses need to reset after leaving the boss map or a timed reset like 30 mins
  • We need a crafting system that allows us to use weapon parts and annointeds to really make the weapon we want this is a game changer with that huge loot pool we have
  • Raid Bosses like the Invincibles we truely need real endgame content
  • Build up on that game expand the story and give us several season passes make it a really open game like fortnite does where the game changes and expand with every update
  • Mayhem should be entertaining and fun not just hard and challenging therefore you can make funny mutators Big Bobble Heads, Enemys spliting if you hit crit, confetti headshots, army of midgets etc. there is a lot that could be done
    -Matchmaking browser this one is really an enigma for me cause we already had that

I love the charming apocalyptic world this franchise managed to create, there is so much things i love about this game and i am afraid that gearbox is heading into the same direction as many developers, exploiting our nostalgia and building up on a frienchise based on quantity not quality.

This game has truely potential yet the direction we are heading in doesnt look so bright.
Loot shooter games are getting more and more popular if we aint see improvement i think Gearbox is going to lose its audience.

Listen Gearbox BL3 was the best selling BL in the entire frienchise i think we have the right to expect it also to be the best Borderlands of the entire frienchise (Story not included) it may be work to be done but the true fans will suport every step you will do, take the risk and show us your love!
Make that game shine with new inventions and innovations.
I truely belive if you want to make it happen you can do it happen.
Much love and pls rescue the Borderlands.

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Good point of view, raid bosses are mandatory!