Lack of Fix for Incursion head glitching

Has me excited for Overwatch. Not fixing something like this sooner on the only map that doesn’t end in a surrender in 5 minutes is really a drag. Spending more time in queues than the actual game at this point. Maybe ranked might have stopped the hemorrhage of players to the point where the game isn’t below brawlhala within its first month.

They can only fix things in a monthly patch.

This wouldn’t be a problem if it was a PC exclusive.

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Is there something preventing them from patching the PC version before the consoles?

Fairness and equality

They can fix it with a hotfix, if they really wanted to.

actually. a hotfix may not be suitable here. a hotfix is good when the code being altered only affects 1 thing and fixing it doesn’t cause other issues to spring up. whereas here it is probably a decent amount of code that has to be altered cause a simple fix could’ve caused other codes to need to be altered properly.

It’s a change in map layout, not code logic.

That’s what they chose, and what will kill the PC player base in the long run. There are no such limitations on Steam, but we’re being downgraded to the lowest common denominator anyway.

Missing icon in chat, lack of anti-cheat or reporting, delayed map fixes. They could use PC players as a testing ground and push the changes to consoles once they are tested - a practice done by many developers, which was repeated many times on these forums - but they don’t want to.

I really want this to bite Gearbox/2K in the back, so that they finally learn. But, knowing how the world rolls, they will shrug and decide PC is not worth developing for.

Note: I’m not demanding anything. I’m just trying to understand the reason behind not making full use of PC platform, which would help develop the game on all platforms.

Jythri is responding to similar comments on reddit, explaining that it helps keep the community together. This argument shouldn’t be used for game-breaking issues like cheating and marcheese - these should be patched as soon as there is a fix.

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This wouldn’t be a problem if Gearbox didn’t force all platforms to update at the same time. This patch would’ve rolled out a long time ago, if it wasn’t for them waiting for their playstation patch to pass certification.

Keeping all platform updates unified is gonna kill this game, especially if there are serious game-breaking issues like exploits. While we’re waiting for the patch to roll out and fix the problem, players are being scared away from the game because they’re tired of glitch abuse.


Look, an exploit this deleterious should have been dealt with before launch.

It’s been KNOWN about since open beta.

So, out of curiousity… how do you think a map is created by a computer program, if it doesn’t use code???

Yes, and can you honestly say that changing the map layout can’t potentially bring out new exploits?

There’s already exploits for other characters.

Changing layout will not remedy the issue. They need to change the ways sentries take damage.

Like making them immune if minions aren’t present.

They can bring down their hp to compensate for the added time created by minion escort protection.

Now you can’t exploit it.