Lack of forum activity/interest

It’s an obvious sign that the game needs a shot in the arm.

How about it?

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Forums aren’t that slow though? I mean, it is Thanksgiving in the states so I imagine people are either focused on the holiday or playing the game and not the forums. Otherwise though the level of activity hasn’t dipped that much.


It is a noticeable drop. Not as active as before, might be like you said with holidays. Or perhaps people quit BL3 or playing other stuff.


I don’t know @boombumr, even I would have to admit it IS a little slower around here the past 7-10 days. And I personally have been on here quite a bit lately.

My guess would be a couple things:

  1. What @boombumr said about Thanksgiving.

  2. The game is 15 months old. Interest in the game probably peaked in late 2019 or early 2020 (I would say the peak of interest among the playerbase was either after the MTD came out or when DLC1 was released).

At this point, only the hardcores are left - both playing and on these forums.


Im still here but I agree with op. The last month or so has dipped and I can tell mainly from posting on the trade section. I’ve put in a few recently and not one hit. But it’s expected I guess since this isn’t a multiplayer on top of that and we don’t have raid bosses yet. Oh and probably Thanksgiving :grin:

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I’m not posting as much on the BL3 side, I’m not playing much BL3 at this point. The current end game isn’t all that interesting to me, M-11, while an improvement on the eyes did not make the game more challenging, so not playing. And the Arms race isn’t what I play the Borderlands series for, so I haven’t (for the first time in any BL game) bought the newer DLC. When a new content based DLC appears (if ever) I’ll dive right back in.

In the meantime I’m playing BL1 and 2 and posting on those sub-sections here.


I blame it on it being a 15 months old game with most/all major content already out. 2 of which were focused on endgame activies to put your VHs to test. I for one, had thought it would have been more at this point. No new slaughter arenas, no new trials, no secret and rare bosses like vermi / tripple-O.

It also don’t help that the feedback they gathered from us wanting more options on higher mayhem were to add scaling to skills to ensure that everything is an option to a point were it really doesn’t matter what you use, instead of making less used items just good enough that you’d want to put the time and effort required to make a build around it.

Power gained via mayhem scaling and through items like plasmacoil etc doesn’t make for a interesting endgame. Atleast, not for me. I don’t think reaching those levels of OP is bad, but it should require synergies to get there, not be given freely and with almost no way of opting out of it. Some skills that recieve scaling were already established skills for already established builds, and by making them even stronger by just using a menu slider does nothing to add options in the endgame.

I think Zane’s new skill tree is a good example on how to make a great skill tree. It’s extremely powerful if you want it to be, that scales off your gear in a way that makes sense and doesn’t do things you don’t want it to do.


not everyone’s a nerd


Compliments all around!


There is still a lot of activity( mainly about new dlc) and considering the game is more than 1 year old already it is normal there was a drop

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M11 is the best thing to happen to the game in ages. So you’re saying the game should be worse off so we have more forum traffic?

I was playing lastnight and was thinking to myself how good the game is at the moment without the modifiers. We started a new playthrough and it’s a million miles better.

You’ve still got M10, play it if you wish. Saying M11 is bad so people complain on a forum you know how crazy that sounds? Hey gearbox if you’re listening why don’t you release a patch that randomly shuts the game down that way people will come here and complain giving us more forum traffic. Hurrah!


Oh. Lol jk.

Nothing of value to say, so why should I (and maybe some other people) should someone contribute to the activity just for its own sake?

Multiple threads covering the same topic is already a problem, but people do not talk about forum itself around here…

Perhaps people are not posting as much because their many concerns are not being addressed, so they feel sidelined.


Indeed so Eldee. If one didn’t buy in to the latest DLC plan, as I have not, then there is a definite feeling of being “left behind” here.

As expected, the latest DLC has provided some nice new paid for OP gear and game smashing build opportunities for my char Zane whilst seemingly deliberately nerfing anointments that used to work for him. Not cool marketing ploy and I for one am not falling for it.


I think most people just moved on…

I’m playing more on my switch and less on PC since the lockdowns…

BL3 just got really stale around DLC3…

New SP is content that should have been part of the first season and vice versa… Usually the forums are bustling with activities after a DLC which this one didn’t really have (maybe proving most people allready moved on?)

Also, everything has been said and discussed allready… The game stagnated… And most of us don’t see it taking off again.


forums are actually slower because every character is so ■■■■■■■ op there is nothing to do.



I’ve been waiting for the slew of ‘nerf commitment ’ threads but I guess even the haterz have given up on hatin’

Tbh, apart from the new com for zane I’ve not been using the new gear. With a facepuncher build there is no need to use any different guns.

Can only speak for myself but the last time I played was 3 days after Halloween event started. Since then I’ve had no interest, not tried M11, arms race or 4th skill trees as personally from what I’m seen made no impact at all. The game over a year was love hate for me, new dlcs and events only got me playing for a few days and gone again. If season 2 doesn’t do something major I’ll probably forget about bl3 and just play previous games again.